Envato free Wordpress Themes

Envato free Wordpress themes

Launch of new page landings "free files": WordPress themes for free We have just started a new initative for ThemeForest, with a brandnew Free WordPress Themes 352 Hosting Page. It is a further development of our current free file policy, which aims to maximize our web search visitor flow (the biggest visitor resource on all our marketplaces). Complimentary data plays an important roll in winning new clients and presenting the type of articles they can buy on the Envato market.

They are also a strong way to introduce clients to writer collections and help these writers take advantage of cross-selling possibilities. What is the selection process for free topics? The topics that appear on the new page come from the theme ThemeForest Free File Submission 75 in the ThemeForest Forums. When you have an article that you would like to submit for one of our advertising promotions, you will find 27 link to all the latest thread nominations here.

And how often do the elements on the page land? Free-of-charge themes are currently available for ~1 months, using a similar theme to our long-standing Free File of the Mountains campaign. We will update the contents of this page as each new lot of articles is available for promotions.

WordPress elements only - why? It is an effort of our own website development department to increase our rankings for Free Wordpress Themes. Are all other article catagories going to get their own versions of it? In this phase we focus on accurately gauging the WordPress Hosting Page's performance and learn from it.

This test will help us to identify the best way to use free promotion in the near-term. Is this going to substitute the free file of the month? Still not - you can still find all the latest Free File of the Month articles on the front page of every Envato Market website.

On the other hand, the Free WordPress Themes page will give us invaluable information that will help us optimize the Free File of the Month system. And if you have any question about the new page bellboy, please let me know. Excellent idea from the Soller team. I see a really serious problem on this page, why are the article authors' nicknames so insignificant and worse of all, not linked?

This top copy must be updated to take into account that these articles are provided free of cost by the contributors of each article. Ninety-nine percent of free anything sites do so and have premier Sections. They can get the free edition, restricted or unrestricted, or you can get the free edition, 10% more efficient with either percent1, percent2, percent3.

1: Can you at least ensure in the future that the topics on offer have been brought up to date this year? It' finally WordPress, upgrades are critical to keep a topic useful. 2: Can an affiliated company present the free themes on its own website and create a hyperlink to the Envato Free themes page as with other free downloads of the monthly?

hello @ThemeCompare. ThemeCompare. Elements that appear on the Free WordPress Themes landings page (or as a Free File of the Month) now need an extra safety check by the ThemeForest Quality staff before they are released for the page. This will help avoid problems with obsolete codes, although the topic's ages and times since the last fix are still important considerations.

Free themes for August have all been refreshed within the last 12 month, but one of them has not been refreshed this year. Simply make sure you put your Affiliate Track and Trace as usual to the web address, and you will get the default affiliate fee from any new clients you reference to Envato Market when they make a buy or make a payment through your hyperlink within 90 business days of their arrival.

In order to point @tommusrhodus' point to more profile exposure, we have also added a link to the authors' name on the landings page - this has gone online with last Friday's updated. At that time we did not know that the new page "free files" on the homepage of Themeforest would not be used.

Before I got so nervous I should have been reading this article, because I got from the e-mail that our article would be presented (as on the homepage AND on this new page with free files). However, now that our article is available for free, I don't see any way to find it on Themeforest.

Wouldn't it make a lot of difference to include all the free data in the "Free articles from September" section? At least include a hyperlink to "Show more free files"? Thank you for the previous feed-back - I discussed it with the Free WP Hosting Page working group. Although the Hosting Page Free Themes is not currently referenced from the ThemeForest homepage, there are some other exposition mechanism that should be mentioned in more detail as they are not so evident to persons outside these canals ( new clients, different e-mail segmentation, etc.):

First, this is a new automatic e-mail line that we have sent to all new ThemeForest clients. A new e-mail with the Free WordPress Themes landing page was added to this August 31st session. The aim is to increase loyalty, as the vast bulk of TF clients purchase a unique article over time.

Second, the number of high value qualitative background hyperlinks to the site is increasing from places like the Envato blog (see this high frequency item 16 for example) and our own socially profiled sites, with many hyperlinks now being added to other blogs where the free topic page is of relevance. This helps with the wider SEO-driven objective of promoting one of our clients' most competitive quests - I will provide further information as soon as we have more information, but the first results have been encouraging.

Thirdly (in a similar way) is some work that our affiliate teams have initiated, especially when they work directly with affilates to help them optimize what they do. Many of our top partners are already heavily using free leads as leading generator tool, and many of them have already launched a link to our landings page, now we've verified that recommendation link functionality will continue to work normally for any new customer who subsequently makes a first buy or payment on Envato Markets.

We' re definitely not excluding more ways to make this page landable, but the latest Free Themes page focuses on our existing site's free themes and our free themes team ( with the aim of attracting fresh talent to ThemeForest ), with the second aim of retaining new clients after the first one. As soon as they reach the public, the ThemeForest homepage must be optimized to transform new users into paid consumers.

Where such cases arise, such transparent reporting would make a significant contribution if it were incorporated into the first notification, or perhaps an indication that it would come after one or two months of results. There is a sense today that Envato is doing a great deal under the guise of the dark, and this kind of clear statement goes a long way to eliminate that sense.

It' good to know somebody's listenin' to Envato. Although we still think that a hyperlink on the Themeforest homepage would be a welcome add-on, it's great that Envato promotes the site through other canals.

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