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Since we are discussing this topic with the envato. Gift Certificates from RZDESIGN on Envato Elements vouchers You' re about to set up a Web site, a business, a shop, host a site or something else where you can resell your goods. When you think about it, good branding comes with great things. One of these great things is to give a gift certificate to a boyfriend or a group of friends to give out in your business!

Use these gift vouchers for anything you want. You can use them digital (vector based) or just imprint them on some visiting or PVC card, just give them away or just do it! You can use this card and open it in Adobe Photoshop CS or higher.

Ultimate WooCommerce gift card from makwebbetter

It allows the retailer to resell WooCommerce Gift Vouchers in their shop and manages everything from gift card sales to use. The retailer can produce many gift vouchers by celebration and event and we offer complete pricing versatility for gift vouchers. The WooCommerce gift vouchers for every occasion:

Since time immemorial, gift cards have always been something quite unique for everyone, as people tend to give their loved ones an appropriate amount in a representative way. The WooCommerce gift vouchers will not only enhance the luck of the individual you are giving away, but it will also increase the level of contentment to you as well. WooCommerce offers gift vouchers to more clients in your shop.

Whether it is a birth date, nuptial day or any other opportunity to buy a gift is always a job since we are unaware of the recipient's preferences and aversions. Money, however, is not seen as an excellent gift as there is no emotions. When you can buy gift certificates, why give money? Present cards are the most popular gift during the holiday season - use them to increase your turnover.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards allow you to create any amount of WooCommerce gift vouchers in WooCommerce and give your customers the opportunity to buy what they really want. WooCommerce Gift Vouchers for essential event themes such as "Birthday", "New Year", "Valentine's Day", "Independence Day", etc. help minimize your workload. It is also possible to dispatch a voucher at the wish of any client, we call this "offline voucher".

Put discounts on all WooCommerce gift certificate products. Submit a Thank You order voucher to keep your clients loyal for purchases in the near term. The Gift Certificate has a QR or Barcoded format that you can view for your convenience. The use of the WooCommerce Gift Card by your clients can in turn lead to an increased number of them.

This add-on allows clients to create a gift certificate (or gift) for their family. Gift vouchers are sent directly to clients by e-mail or the purchaser can pack and dispatch them himself. Would your clients like to mail their gift voucher? You can also use this expansion to allow your clients to mail their gift certificates to their buddies.

Regardless of which type of meeting takes place, the purchaser can select the presentation according to his meeting and mail the voucher to his relative or other persons. gift card management offline: Imports gift card management import: gift card e-mail templatures management additionally capabilities of WOOCOMMERCE gift card PIN: This system allows you to use a full set of functions of WooCommerce Ultimate gift voucher specified as:

Use WooCommerce Gift Certificate Gift Certificate preferences: WooCommerce creates a seperate WooCommerce gift certificate in WooCommerce and the retailer can make as many items as he wants. WooCommerce Gift Card There are many types of price system for WooCommerce Gift Card related item as described below: WooCommerce Gift Card comes with 16 standard RTL compliant WooCommerce Gift Card cards and the retailer can simply build many of them.

Gift card products can be personalized with each template and sent to the recipient's email address. Merchants may opt out of certain types of voucher discounts. Discounts on gift cards will not be granted if a foreclosed item is available in the shopping basket. Merchants may also opt to exempt select products from the WooCommerce Gift Card rebate.

Discounts on gift cards will not be granted if an item that has been rejected is available in the shopping basket. WooCommerce's gift card template expiration date is in this date form if this option is activated in the WooCommerce user interface. The merchant can activate/deactivate the WooCommerce Gift Card taxes; by default, no taxes are levied on the Gift Card products.

Generation of gift vouchers: Gift cards can now be simply screened through the default settings, you can simply screen the online/offline/imported gift cards below all. The number of e-gift cards will now vary depending on how much you have bought, in other words, the number of gift cards will vary depending on how much has been added.

The retailer could now start importing all large quantities of items, which will help him in importing his items along with his own customized coding, which he must deliver in the CSV customized file formats. This function would allow the retailer to print gift certificates in large quantities, and when a purchase is made, the gift certificate would be associated with the amount bought as a gift certificate.

Now, the retailer can also enter his own voucher codes, which are created when buying an off-line gift voucher. WooCommerce gift voucher detail coupons created from orders can be export in CVS file form. Specify the recipient's e-mail ID, the recipient's e-mail ID, the gift certificate notification notice, the number of gift certificate uses, and the remaining gift certificate amount.

Beneficiaries can issue the entire gift certificate amount more than once. The merchant can choose whether the gift certificate is used by a singular person or by more than one person. The retailer can adjust after how many business hours the gift certificate item is bought and the order is complete, then this gift certificate has elapsed.

The retailer can allow/disallow items for sale to apply the rebate amount for gift cards. The merchant can adjust the length of the WooCommerce gift certificate from the settings. Gift certificate standard length is 5. The administrator can exported Gift Certificate off-line detail in the section export Gift Certificate tab. It is also possible to bring the gift certificate detail into the Gift Certificate Gift Voucher Gift Shop off-line.

The function used over here to ensure safety. The merchant can define the minimal and maximal amount of the shopping basket for the application of the gift card rebate. The admin can now process the recipient's e-mail and must send again once after the process has been successfully completed. The WooCommerce Gift Certificate submission is sent to the person to whom the gift certificate is sent.

The Gift Certificate emailed templates vary depending on the gift item. If, for any reason, Gift Certificate emails are not sent to the recipient, an Gift Certificate emails resending facility is available to re-send this emails to the recipient of the emails. The administrator can redispatch the Gift Certificates to the recipient by increasing the amount in the Order Details section of the Gift Certificate.

If this option is selected, clients can choose the date on which to email the gift certificate to the recipient. Clients can also ship the planned gift voucher on the actual date via the order detail section. The merchant can adjust the length of the gift certificate notification from the preference. The standard length of the gift certificate notification is 300.

Once this option has been activated, the client will receive an e-mail with a PDF file attached. If the Gift Certificate voucher item is bought individually, the order will be finalized after receipt of your order and the Gift Certificate e-mail will be sent to the recipient. When a Gift Certificate item is bought with another item, a Gift Certificate e-mail is sent to the recipient when an order is processed.

The administrator can activate the BCC function for gift card emails. Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) In this mode, the purchaser also receives a copy of the recipient's gift certificate post. The administrator can now deactivate the Send Today button on the frontend. Within In Coupon, Email Settings users will be notified each time they use the Coupon and now they can also review their amount of it.

The merchant can generate a gift card for a query from the dashboard and submit it to the recipient on your name. With this function, you can help your own customized vouchers in large quantities for off-line customers to be imported at once. It will help the client to get the voucher off-line, which will help him to get getting one.

Merchants/Administrators can now also enter their own voucher codes, which are created when buying an off-line WooCommerce gift voucher. Customers can also specify their gift certificate picture. The administrator can now associate more than one Gift Certificate categories with the Gift Certificate Auction. The administrator can deactivate the voucher boxes on the shopping basket page in this configuration if only gift certificate products are available.

This function allows the administrator to specify the minimal amount for rebates. You can choose between Fixed and Percentage rebates. Each gift certificate award is based only on certain "min-max" criterias, then the rebate is used. The administrator can activate the rebate settings per item. In case some items are associated with a gift card (per item setting), the voucher created by that item will not be used for the associated items and categories.

This function allows you to create a shipment category and use it on gift card items. The trustworthy client has the choice that the store managers provides the voucher. Not only the admin, but also the buyer can select the supply methods with which he can dispatch the WooCommerce gift card product to his family.

We' ve added a new WooCommerce Gift Card function for downloading. The purchaser can either dowload the gift certificate and mail it to the purchaser or recipient and the purchaser can also dowload the gift certificate. Similarly, if a card is sent by a recipient to a friend or relative only, the cost of postage will be the same, otherwise, other postage options will add "No Shipping" to the gift certificate product.

The gift voucher will now be added to the amount of the shopping basket. Whatever e-mail ID is entered in the text field, the mail will be sent on that ID. Designers can create their own customized template using the customized Gift Card mailstream.

The " we provide the developer with the "mwb_wgm_custom_coupon"-Hook, so they can change the voucher for gift cards with their already existent voucher codes. The retailer can place gift certificate products anywhere on his site with a short code: email address of the retailer: "echo do_shortcode("[product_category category='gift-card' per_page='4']"); email address of the retailer: "echo do_shortcode("[products ids='131,104']"); auto update dashboard: Whoocommerce 2.6. 0 or higher. Please open the WooCommerce menue -> Gift Card Manager settings.

Click the checkbox to uncheck the plug-in and insert the new gift card products. Q. How do I include a gift certificate item? Â A. Include a new WooCommerce item, modify the item category to the Gift Certificate item, set the standard retail value, and choose the category.

Once you have entered the prices of the chosen types of prices, you may have to post the products. This is what your WooCoomerce gift certificate is made of. Q. Where can I modify the recipient's gift card theme? Please go to the Gift Card Manager Setting page and choose the Email Template tab.

Here you can edit the gift card according to the recipients. Q. From where can I edit the e-mail form? We have provided a Postal Gift Card under the Desktop where we have provided 16 customized masters. Q. Are the delivery costs on the gift certificate valid? If a Gift Certificate Product is bought using only one delivery option (one of the delivery options), the delivery charge will be calculated.

It is only the administrator who receives the gift card email so that he can send it to the client. Since we are discussing this topic with the envato. Thank you for your interest in WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card, Makewebbetter. Present voucher filter. Include an alternate email box for the shipping method "Ship Your Card".

Added the number of E-Gift maps based on the number of amounts. Add new mail templates. - Fix: Product exclusion in Woo 2.6.14 release. - News: The administrator can change the e-mail ID of the recipient. - Streamline: Exclude changes in the Product section. - Check out the new Christmas mail templates.

  • Introduced: Import gift certificate products. - Added: Import offline vouchers. - Brand new: Manual custom coding added to offline gift certificates. - Web page: New: Show/Hide item Mini View Picture on products page. - Novit: Displays the "Apply Gift Certificate" box on the Checkout page if only Gift Certificates exist. - The new Validation feature is available as an upgrade on a separate page.
  • New: Thank you gift voucher order function. - Also New: Select the Shipment tab on the Product Maintenance page. - Remember to fix the catfish if the basket contains different items. - Add Fix: Adds Avax to shopping basketalidation. - Neu: Discount function. - Added: PDF function for customers. - The new feature Exclude Product Characteristic.
  • News: New: Added deactivation options for the SEND TODAY buttons on the frontend. - News: Adds deactivation setting for coupon boxes to the shopping cart page if only gift certificate items are available. - fix: pricing problem in shopping cart. The administrator can now allocate more than one Giftcard card catagory to the Giftcard software.

C. O.D. and check options deducted when purchasing the gift card. Corrected generation of double-digit coupons. Automatically ship the gift certificate on a specific date. The client can ship the gift voucher on the actual date. Submit the Gift Certificate again by increasing the amount added to the Gift Certificate. - News: Import of offline gift voucher data into the offline gift voucher table.

Date style preference for gift card. coupon code - number of x at the frontend.

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