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Graphical river Envato

GraphicRiver Quality Guidelines - Envato Market Help Center In order to be acceptable on GraphicRiver, data must prove the competence and esthetic comprehension of a graphic artist. Carefully review the guidelines below for the quality and good practice we strive for. While not all directories will treat these grades and technologies in the same way, vulnerabilities in these areas can lead to refusal of the directories.

Data should be editable: It should contain clearly labeled and organised levels so that the client can easily manipulate the document, which may involve colour changes, selection/deletion/modification of items, size or movement of items and other changes. If necessary, you should use advanced technologies such as mask, adjust levels, and apply layerstyles (for resizable elements).

Ensure the data should be continuous: Entries containing more than one element should have a consistent overall approach. Connected styling is accomplished by combining one or more elements: color, form and orientation, and other style decisions. Data should prove a good grasp of design: It should have an outstanding comprehension and implementation of the fundamental construction principals, including: contrasts, repetitions, alignment and closeness.

As an example, you should be able to legibly create your own designs, and text should not be too small. Text should be scannable: Typographical layouts should comply with standard designs for legibility and use. The text should have a well thought-out orientation, contrasts, closeness and repeatability in the outline. Align text in a file. Centred text is tricky to view because long paragraph and multi-alignment data is tricky to capture on a page.

Easily edit a file that' laid out on a grating. Data should have a clever mind for design: It can be designed minimally or complexly. Each file should be demanding and trend-conscious. Data containing popular styling conventions should be exceptional: Popular lifestyles such as bokh, shiny badges and grill effect lead to high submissions of similar articles.

Data filed in these classes should be either original or extraordinary.

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