Envato Headquarters

The Envato Headquarters

Visit the Envato offices, browse the Envato photos and learn more about the design of the Envato offices. Make a (photo) tour of Envatos Melbourne Headquarters. It is our new Envato headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. This three-storey house was used as a college before we relocated. Further back, the structure was a deposit for Ferguson's Winery.

It is the top level where our Envato Marketplaces and Microlancer crews unfold their magical powers.

Since our office used to be a college, we got two auditorium-like rooms. Here you can see the Nashville lecture hall, where our corporate sessions, staff trainings and communal activities take place. The lounge, which contains a billiard desk, a pianos and a room penetration desk, opens onto our outdoor patio.

In Melbourne, on a bright summer morning, there's nothing better than having your afternoon meal outside, followed by a funny play with your mind on it. In the new office there are large "pods" made of coils of nice wood joists that act as informational venues and rest areas for working on laptops. Envato's architect's office took the edifice, the ethics and the value of Envato, and transformed it into a nice and practical use of time.

It was one of the most important ideas to maintain a link between the three floors for the group. Hulls form a structure that extends from the groundfloor to the upper one. This is a visible link and reminds everyone in the structure that you are all in the same room and that in the stem of the trees there are others you are working with.

Though we have a great room here in Melbourne, Australia, we also have almost a hundred employees working all over the globe. The Melbourne conference rooms are a beautiful memento of our truly multinational business. Every conference room has a name that reflects some of the sites of our employees.

It is not unusual to begin the afternoon with a Hong Kong session and end a Manchester session. Thank you for visiting our new Envato house! Melbourne is home to a wide range of Melbourne technical and social entertainment venues, so we expect you to come and see one of them in the near and personal world!

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