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Here are answers to some common questions we receive about Envato Hosted: The community is the heart of Envato! Are you selling your items on Envato? The Awesome Support can be integrated into Envato and automatically checks user licenses.

Contacting us - Envato Market Help Center

At Envato Customer Success, we strive to answer all inquiries within 24hrs. We do not provide help by telephone or via face-to-face chats. Cannot help you suggest articles, make pre-sales inquiries, or decline a transaction. If you need techno support (including installation/customization) for an article you have bought, please refer to the article's creator.

If you have any questions:

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Are you new to Envato hosted? Here are some of the frequently asked Frequently Asked Questions about Envato Hosted: We' ll take care of all the tedious, techical things like installing WordPress, setting up your chosen topic, saving your everyday backup, safeguarding and managing WordPress kernel upgrades. We also provide advanced topic assistance that no other hosting company offers.

How about the safety and the backup? Specifically, our AWS architectures are built to help ensure maximum safety and deliver maximum value. We can help you set up Wordfence Protection for additional protection against WordPress attacks. Do I have full control over the demos for the topic I have choosen? If you select a website look, your look will be delivered with the custom look, i.e. demonstration contents you select.

Instead, if you launch your hosting plan via ThemeForest, you can choose a look at the cashier or, if this is not available for your look, you can choose to bring the selected look once your website has been deployed. Like always, our technical staff can help you through the entire lifecycle.

Are you updating my design and plug-ins now?

The majority of the designs available on Envato Hosting offer comprehensive customization features such as color, font, header lieouts and mail settings, as well as enhanced page setup builder such as Visual Composer or similar builder. Do you have a question as to whether a particular modification is possible? We will be pleased to research it for you or provide you with advice on the best topic for your company objectives and competence levels.

Are you supporting specific domains?

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