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The Envato Hosted is exclusively a Managed WordPress Host and does not host email inboxes. Envato Hosted can be tested free of charge during a seven-day trial period. An in-depth look at Envato's new Managed WordPress Hosting, its features, server-side setup and customer support. Purchase Envato Web Hosting on blazing fast turbo servers.

Hosted by Envato

Are you new to Envato Hosted? Here are some of the frequently asked Frequently Asked Questions about Envato Hosted: We' ll do all the tedious, techical things like installing WordPress, setting up your chosen topic, saving your everyday backup, safeguarding and managing WordPress kernel upgrades. We also provide advanced topic assistance that no other hosting company offers.

How about the safety and the backup? Specifically, our AWS architectures are built to help ensure maximum safety and deliver maximum value. We can help you set up Wordfence Protection for additional protection against WordPress attacks. Do I have full control over the demos for the topic I have choosen? If you select a website look, your look will be delivered with the custom look, i.e. demonstration contents you select.

Instead, if you launch your hosted plan via ThemeForest, you can choose a look at the cashier or, if this is not available for your look, you can choose to bring the selected look once your website has been deployed. Like always, our technical staff can help you through the entire lifecycle.

Are you updating my design and plug-ins now? The majority of the topics and plug-ins we provide contain updates alerts that allow you to perform the upgrade simply through the Topic box or the Envato Market administration page. Is it possible to fully modify the design or the demonstration template? The majority of the designs available on Envato Hosted provide comprehensive options for color adjustment, font styles, headers, and postal settings, as well as enhanced design building tools such as Visual Composer or similar building tools.

Do you have a question as to whether a particular modification is possible? We will be pleased to research it for you or provide you with advice on the best topic for your company objectives and competence levels. Are you supporting particular domains?

Envato Hosted (ThemeForest/Avada Hosting) Rating

Recently, if you bought a WordPress topic on ThemeForest, you may have realized that a hosted site called'Envato Hosted' is being promoted. You may have already suspected that this recently introduced site was created by Envato, the site's mother organization, and offers hosted services for WordPress.

In addition to administering some of the key features of your WordPress website (which we will discuss below) and making everything you need to set up a new website available, one of the key sales arguments for this cutting-edge feature is that you can get one of ThemeForest's participate topics as part of your subscriptions.

To have a one-stop shop for domains registrations, website hosting, themes provisioning and administration of things like website upgrades and backup may sound comfortable, but is this feature really valuable? With the new web host services, Envato wants to streamline the introduction of a WordPress website.

Instead of buying a WordPress topic from another organization and then enrolling in a web host elsewhere, not to speak of linking all these parts together, Envato Hosted allows you to connect to all these elements through one single bankroll, with a periodic subscription fee.

The Envato Hosted staff also takes in website backup, softwares and more to make sure your website always runs smooth. Envato Hosted, what do you get? A one-stop shop's comfort for all your WordPress website needs sounds attractive.

We will discuss price detail in more detail later in this report, but at $19.99 per month it is clear that this is not inexpensive entry-level entertainment. One of the topics you can select for your new WordPress website is Avada. WordPress ThemeForest is the biggest WordPress theme based market place with more than 8,000 choices.

Envato Hosted's greatest attraction is that you get one of these topics as part of your hosted itinerary. Unfortunately, at the moment of going to press, only a small number of WordPress topics were available as part of the Envato Hosted services. Hopefully in the near term, more themed writers will decide to make a choice, but right now you can pick from the best sellers of multifunctional topics including Avada, Enfold, Bridge, Jupiter and It7.

Envato Hosted Theme's install and set up services are perfect for anyone who is new to WordPress or has little spare tiredness. Once a neat WordPress install has been completed, the topic of your choosing (from the available options) will be downloaded and enabled on your new website. Simply fill out the following registration request to begin the WordPress Web site migrating you.

And if you already have a Microsoft Web site, you'll be happy to know that the Envato Hosted bundle involves migrating your Web site and your contents to your new Web site account. WorldPress website hosting plans usually come in two types, administered and unadministered. As part of its Guided Services, Envato Hosted performs on your behalf upgrades of your flagship Microsoft Office application and performs safety audits.

If you are about to recover a backed up file, you must open a backup issue to ask the technical staff to perform this work. Envato Hosted does, however, expect that self-initiated backing up and recovery will be possible in the first three months of 2017. Part of the safety precautions for the Managed Hosted solution, Envato Hosted system administrators are always on hand to proactively scan websites for viruses and other problems, and there' s plenty of coverage to keep your website up and running.

When a problem is identified, the technical assistance staff begins to resolve the problem and informs you of the problem at the same time. Given that it's not uncommon for some web hosters to take your website off-line when they discover a possible safety problem, it's good to see that the Envato Hosted staff goes to work as soon as a problem occurs while at the same time updating you on what's going on.

Not surprisingly, the Envato Hosted Services run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) intranet. That' s why your WordPress website is hosted on the high-performance AWS clamp computer server. For more information about the Envato Hosted Hosting Environments, see: Sites hosted mainly in Virginia, USA, with partially restricted European uptime.

No site hosting services are currently available, but this is being taken into consideration for the time being. As soon as you have registered with Envato Hosted, you can call the technical assistance around the clock. Please note that the following information is available only in German. You can open your ticket through the Envato Hosted Accounts Dashboard, giving you a single place to manage your website and help desk correspond.

You can open and manage your Envato Hosted dashboard to access and manage your ticket book. Even though we are considering a face-to-face session in the near term, there is no phone technical assistance as e-mail is the only way to get in contact with the group. The Envato Hosted technical staff reacted quickly to all open issues during the test for this check.

Within the framework of the customer's on-boarding procedure, you will also receive a single meeting with a member of the technical assistance group. Unfortunately, the Envato Hosted does not provide hosted or administrative e-mailing. You can, however, link your Envato Hosted accounts to one of the sponsored mailing companies. Join your affiliate with one of the sponsored organizations.

So if you already use an e-mail carrier like Google Apps or Office 365, you can associate your domainname with the servic. Envato Hosted Controlpanel' s dashboard. As soon as you have registered with Envato Hosted, you can login to yourashboard. Inside the dashboard section, you can see your current hosted schedules, WordPress website detail, and other important information.

Envato Hosted uses statistics from the Hosted Envato client Dashboard. But you can simply see how much of your visitors, your hard drive quotas, and your bandwith limits you have used on your Envato Hosted dashboard. Envato Hosted provides everything a new WordPress application could wish for, at least on hard copy. So let's find out how simple it is to use this feature in your work.

Select which topic, demonstration or look you want to install on your new WordPress website. Since this is a practical evaluation of Envato Hosted, we signed up for a trial and launched a new WordPress website. Even though the period between the start of the registration procedure and logging into the new WordPress website was not immediately over, it only took about five moments.

I' m just expecting the new WordPress website to go online. Not mentioning these lags and possible problems during the set-up phase, Envato Hosted is not suitable for novice WordPress printers. All in all, however, it is relatively easy to start with Envato Hosted and launch a new WordPress website.

Now you can really sign up a domainname, browse to a topic and browse to the trial you want to install, all in a simple login procedure. While everything worked, the sign-up procedure felt a little harsh in comparison to Envato Hosted's competition. The choice of a choice of high value WordPress topics and all the other good functions described above is great.

Just say if you want more traffic, better usability and higher target conversions, you should do everything you can to increase the performance of your WordPress website. In this spirit, let's take a look at the load time that we encountered while trying Envato Hosted for this test.

The Pingdom is a favorite surveillance tool and one of the best ways to track website activity. The Avada themes were uploaded after registering with Envato Hosted and the contents of the agency's demonstration website were uploaded. Avada Agency demonstration blogs mail page used for trial purposes. Since the Avada Agency's demonstration homepage contains a multi-media slide with videos and other large data sets, it was agreed that a more default page of the demonstration, composed of pictures and text, would deliver more meaningful results.

After the Test WordPress website was established, Pingdom registered the upload speeds of the in-house blogs every 30 minutes. Having monitored the website's pace with Pingdom, the last seven days' mean download of our WordPress website, hosted by Envato using the Avada themes and the Agency demonstration, was 2.96 seconds, with a YSlow rating of 85/100 and above.

Charging periods were periodically monitored throughout the test time. Pingdom identified an operating time of 99.85% during the test time. Six cases of down-time were identified during the test, with the site being inaccessible for a cumulative 15 minute time. Another favourite site velocity measurement tool is LTmetrix. By way of illustration, another Test-WordPress site that also uses Avada and the same agency demo took just over a second longer to upload to an affordable entry-level shared hosting site.

With Envato Hosted, the same website setup was load about 60% quicker than with a low-cost, common entry-level web hosting. Seventeen is the standard WordPress topic. While Avada is one of the most favorite WordPress topics, its abundance of functions and functions may be exaggerated for some of your project.

More modestly, if you want to know how Envato Hosted works with a less WordPress topic, we've also tried a website with the free Twenty Seventeen topic from the WordPress.org group. Pages can be loaded over a seventh week using the Twenty Seventeen WordPress topic.

In contrast to Avada, the free Twenty Seventeen themes do not contain any plug-ins and are not dependent on them. So this straightforward WordPress topic offered Envato Hosted a great chance to show how quickly it could get a website up and running. Averaging 335 ms load and seven test day power, Envato Hosted definitely has the power to get a WordPress website to your audiences quickly and easily.

Though Pingdom reported 99.85% operating time in our first test round, there was no down-time in our second seven-day test time. During our second seven-day test phase, Pingdom reported 100% availability. Between one of the full-featured Avada demonstrations and the minimum Twenty Seventeen topic, your needs and the ultimate site setup are likely to be somewhere between.

Their results will definitely differ from ours, but ours should give you a general picture of what you can look for in Envato Hosted. In addition, with a seven-day free evaluation version, you should have enough free elapsed aluminum test period to perform performance tests at your own site before making a definitive Envato Hosted purchase choice.

Remember that there are many ways to make WordPress quicker that we didn't use on our test page, such as more efficient optimization of your contents and the sensible selection of your plug-ins. Consider your first test results as a base line that can be enhanced in several ways.

It should also be noted that Envato Hosted does not ban the use of certain plug-ins (like some other WordPress administered hosts), but recommends that you avoid using plug-ins for encryption because Envato already uses Web site encryption on all Web pages on its WebPage. Although Envato Hosted does not yet have its own dedicated Web site for Content Deliveries (CDN), you are free to use a third-party CDN of your choosing - another favorite way to accelerate a WordPress Web site.

Checking the performance of a website and its web hosting is not as easy as it seems. Performing a hand test with a serious test tool like Pingdom or GTmetrix can lead to very different results from time to time. In order to counter this, the company used the PREMIUM PINgdom test system to measure the test website's performance every 30 minutes for seven consecutive day, around the clock. 24 hours a day.

But there are so many things that can influence the loading of your website, such as your design choices, what plug-ins you use, what kind of contents you publish, how many people try to visit your website at the same moment, and where they are. These test results should give you an impression of what you can look forward to from Envato Hosted.

Envato hosts your WordPress website for $19.99 per month or $190 per year plus tax. All ThemeForest qualified WordPress themes are covered by this rate, along with the best-selling Avada, Enfold and XP themes. Part of the services is also the setup of the selected topic and its demonstration as well as the current website maintenance.

The free of charge migrating of an already established WordPress website to your new web site host-account is included as well. Since the Envato Hosted services are fully maintained, the Envato Hosted staff takes charge of the WordPress kernel upgrade, provides basic safety, monitors your site for bugs, and backs it up every day. If instead an overuse is discovered, you should reckon with being approached by the technical assistance staff to talk about a mutually beneficial workaround.

By way of illustration, the WP Engine-managed WordPress introductory schedule for WordPress included 25,000 hits per month, 10 GB of hard drive storage, and $29 permonth unlimited bandwith. SiteGround offers its own acquisition of Manageraged WordPress Hosted for only $9.95 per months for a more budget-friendly solution, which involves up to 10,000 per-month visitors and 10 GB of hard drive storage.

None of these competitive choices include a ThemeForest WordPress Topic and a Preferred Install. Envato Hosted's attraction is to have everything in one place and under one single user interface, with your domains name, hosted services, WordPress topic and customer care teams. Envato Hosted can be tested free of charge during a seven-day test phase.

You' ll need to fill in your billing information to get going, but the probationary phase is a great way to find out for yourself how the services work. Envato Web Publishing is definitely a good idea if you want to put your new WordPress website on-line with as little hassle as possible. If you like to use one of the WordPress topics available as part of the services, Envato Hosted might be the ideal partner for you.

If you are looking for a better administered hosted package for an your WordPress website, please note that Envato Hosted provides a free Site Migrationservice as part of the sign-up as well. However, you should first consult the WordPress Technical Assistance staff to see if they will be able to configure your specific WordPress Web site.

Envato Hosted's $19.99 per month fee is appropriate in the WordPress hosted area. While Envato Hosted Services is a relatively novice in web-hosted services, the organization has many years of working with and assisting WordPress customers - and the fact that they use Amazon's web services infrastructures should also give you security.

When you have postponed launching a new WordPress website because of all the different elements you need to know such as domainnames, themes, WordPress installation and website maintenance, Envato Hosted might be a good one. Have you used Envato Hosted yet?

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