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This combines some of the best themes on ThemeForest with hosting, expert. Envato Hosts Assisted WordPress Hosting Review Tonight I will discuss a very special sevice provided by a huge in the WordPress shop. I' m talkin' about Envato. Envato is a relatively new WordPress based services and in the case of Envato it is fully maintained in the truest meaning of the name.

Envato what is it? For a number of different reason Envato hosted is a strange servic. Since Envato offers all types of hosting sevices, the Envato sevice seems to be highly simplistic, so it's almost a problem for advanced surfers, but don't let it deceive you. Hidden behind this masks of extremly simple is a very mighty set of features with a big bonus...real humans to help you all the while.

Before we start with Hosted, here is a short overview of what's inside and what's not: For a complete overview of the registration procedure, please read our Envato guidelines in the Envato blog. Simply find a topic you loved on Themeforest and see if it comes with Hosted.

This article assumes that you can work on this part independently and check the Envato Hosting product in terms of overall performance. Because the first thing you see is a simple user interface, combined with the fact that they don't allow you to optimize anything other than your own domains, can give you all the misconceptions about the services.

You can use Envato Hosted to use your own domain names, but apart from the fact that you can't create your own databases, you don't have a mailing system other than Google Apps configuration and you can't edit your data because there's no FileMaker Server. It' like Godaddy WordPress services, but even easier.

DNS preferences allow you to perform all related functions if you are hosting the domains on Envato. Like I said before, a good thing about this facility is that it allows you to use your own domains and help you set them up correctly. It also has full support for FTP and backup options.

Registrating a new domain is quite simple and allows you to do all the first few things with great easiness. Envato Hosting Services are aimed primarily at new subscribers, especially those planning to purchase topics and plug-ins from Envato. The Envato Hosting Services are therefore designed to help you register a new domains and quickly set up your new WordPress installations.

It is not inexpensive, so keep in mind that the services are indeed quite costly. If you already have a website, Envato Hosted will make your job easier, as the conversion for this site is completely free of charge, all you have to do is order the conversion with information about your WordPress log-in.

As soon as you have entered all the information, you will be redirected to the technical assistance page and will have to spend between 1 and 10 hours waiting, according to the website difficulty. Consider only that the ministry is not automated and requires people to interact from their side, so this may not be the best option for those who know how to perform a walk and want to do it themselves, because that is simply not possible here.

If you manage the domains with Envato, there is no email at all. These allow you to set up MX records for Google Apps applications, but they are severely restricted in number. As soon as your website is prepared to be rocked, you can refer your domains to the CNAME, which refers to the website.

It is important to keep in mind that Envato does not have an appropriate way to display the temp domains you need to use for a CNAME if you want to use your customized domains, and you need to figure out what it is by trying to log in to WP-Admin.

You are using sub-domains as a way to compensate for your dynamic services, so note that you should not use an IP when allocating your domains. Somewhat obtrusive for my tastes, but easy to avoid, in which Envato asks what kind of website, model and kind of deal you have. The need to deploy or move your website and put it on-line does not lead to any actions on your part, as the overwhelming bulk of things are done through technical assistance.

It is fully and fully administered, you take full control of power, data bases, safety and everything about WordPress, so you don't have to work on a specific data set, work on the data base or allocate user and rights. It is a real administration tool. Technical assistance is at the core of this process.

Since the user interface is extremly restricted and there is nothing you could do most of the times, the site will need very good technical assistance if it is to be successful, and it seems to do so because I have no complaints about these interaction. You not only responded to all my queries, you are also highly aware of the restrictions of the service and that is nothing you will see with other departments.

When the technical assistance is not good, the assistance can become quite useful, especially if you need it the most. Envato Hosting doesn't seem to do this. However, even if the power is not good, the technical assistance alone will not be able to compensate the services. That' also a good point with Envato because the power is pretty good.

You can see that the web server took only 70 ms to reply with a FTTB of 216 ms, which is very good overall. Downloading it from Australia, on the other side, is not a good option and the services seem to be most used by North American and European people.

To have a router infrastructure that assigns your location to another dynamic networks without you having to care about it is something you should consider when procuring this type of services. The Envato Hosting Services are fully beginner oriented and you will receive a free design (e.g. Total) upon registration. There is nothing you need to do to update your website as almost everything is done through a technical assistance pass.

Also, the technician team is very kind and ready to help at any time. And I can sense the passion that the technician has for the services and they will do everything they can to help you. When you are one of those guys/girls who loves good engineering and doesn't want to take care of anything technically yourself, Envato Hosted is for you.

Bad EIA implementations and total absence of option make this even less of a good quality than GoDaddy Managed WordPress for experienced programmers and technicians. Another point in doubt is the high cost, as the overall routing/dynamic architecture and the additional technical supports are not inexpensive. And if you are a technology type/girl or an experienced programmer, you won't like the Envato Hosting Services because they make your knowledge unusable by not being able to do anything yourself, and you'll have to await any changes because technical assistance has to help you every step of the way.

However, Envato Hosted is a product that is still under construction and ready to introduce new functionality. By accepting all criticisms for things that need to be enhanced, they have an exceptionally kind approach to clients so that you actually consider yourself to be a particular hosting with them. To have such good technical assistance is almost essential to selling your services.

It' s easy to see that a new programmer has a new website and doesn't want to get involved with plugins/theme installation, in this case Envato Hosted is an excellent choice.

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