Envato Icons

envelope symbols

Free-of-charge flat Envato icon from iOS; available for download in PNG, SVG and font. Force of Symbol There are many great things you can say about icons. Used correctly, these graphical icons can help resolve interfacing issues, lead the user, give directions, and even communicate emotion and feeling. They are great communicative icons and allow you to lead your user through your user surface, application, website, products.


A lot of symbols are part of daily life for a broad range of individuals, which means that they are already acquainted with the messages and instructions that certain symbols give. Saving is a good example, but there are many other cases where using an icon rather than words will result in your messages being delivered.

Several of the most commonly used icons that you will see are for your search for your favourite game. Icons can be integrated into your work to step in the shoes of your favourite brand and develop your own brand to ensure that it will be kept in mind by your audiences. Last but not least, icons give your design style a touch of style.

The use of symbols for your own website or the integration in your artwork immediately gives your website its own identity and character and shapes the look of your work. When you dive into our library, you'll find tons of great choices for all types of work. Featuring tons of icons to select from, you can gather as many as you like for your themes.

You can also look for different lifestyles (as you may have already guess, shallow symbols are the most common nowadays). Although the symbols are quite small, you don't want to loose any of their extraordinary qualities. Here are some examples: emoticon sentences, theme-related selection (e.g. transport-related icons, furnishing icons etc.), industry-specific packages (e.g. soft drinks packs), style-related collection (e.g. groups of shallow icons used for the web) and much more.

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