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Stars on the forest on Envato Elements. Blogs who need high quality images for their articles. 240,000 stock photos added to Envato Elements As part of its one-month all-in-one service, Envato Elements is expanding its range by 240,000 floor photographs. Envato's addition of archive photographs eliminates a huge shortage of resources for your existing portfolio of intangible asset, often requiring a dedicated service such as Adobe or Shutterstock. WHAT CAN STICKY PICTURES DO FOR ME?

The majority of website users use graphs and archival photographs to supplement the overall look and feel of a website. Possibly you need graphic images for order acceptance, telephone assistance, after sales services, shipment information or a wallpaper. Here come Stockfotos very convenient. ARE THE CHOICES AS GOOD AS ADOBE STICK OR SHUTTERSTOCK? YES.

Pictures are as good as those of these professionals. You' ll get high-resolution images that can be enlarged or cropped to your desired sizes with ease. There is less choice than with Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. More importantly, Envato Elements offers more than 1000 DIY lessons and over 1000 other pieces of software that Adobe Stock and Shutterstock do not include in their basic workflows.

Envato Elements subscriptions are month-by-month subscriptions and include a license to use the asset commercially.

There are 5 ways to use archive photographs creatively

Go beyond the features picture. And who uses stick imaging? It is most often assumed that stick photographs are used for traditional purpose. You are great for a featured picture in an on-line item or a wildcard on a website ?but?but for which you can use stickers? Here are some results of a survey we conducted on the most frequent applications of stick photos:

Today we think beyond the features picture and look for five ways to get more out of your floor photography collection. Would you like to do without the dull, abstracted look of art work, but none of your own photographs are worth framing? The use of stick pictures to enhance your home may seem a little strange at first, but in reality it's no different from the purchase at the shop of ?but at a much lower cost.

Plus, since the stick photographs on Elements are taken by freelance and creative people, you'll probably find something no one else has. Do you think outside the box: How about a cushion or even an individually imprinted cover (inspired by this prick carpet or this photorealistic wood cushion by Urban Outfitters)?

This picture above was made with this cushion model pattern and a wood photograph, and it took about 30 seconds to make. Here is an example: You start your big outburst as a feed blotter and want a funny picture sequence for your website. Or you could walk around your home, collect all the fruit and veg you can find, place it on the bar and try to take a high-quality picture with your cell phone...or you could just customise this bio-FoodGenerator.

Stageerators are one of the most beloved category in the Envato Elements collection, and our web designers often quote them as one of the most useful asset we provide. Instead, if you're trying to expand your mark to include socially relevant content, but want to escape the ranks of excess hash tags and #programs, try to get inspired by a shelf art photography book.

Are you looking for something better than a featured photograph, but can't easily get away with creating individual artwork for your storyline? Complete the blanks with some selected stock photographs. Often the photographer takes many pictures from the same shooting, so you have the chance to make consistency in your history with the same character and pictures.

Buzzfeed`s 27 of the hardest things about going to stock photograph University, a satirical story about Smiling Stick Photographers. Most likely not - I'm willing to wager that these pictures are not from wresting a jeans coat from a sloths. Instead, it is a mixture of photograph and illustrations. Stick pictures can help you find a short cut to make your ideas from everyday to interesting and efficient.

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