Envato Install Wordpress Theme

Install Envato Wordpress Theme

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Plugins section. Now click Install Now and then activate the plugin. WPExplorer provides a short video tutorial that shows you how to install your premium ThemeForest WordPress theme from WPExplorer. You can update the newspaper topic via FTP or WordPress. Your theme purchases will now be displayed on this page after they have been updated.

News Paper Records - How to Refresh the Topic

It is a good procedure before you perform an update: Be sure to always back up the data sets and the data base, in case something goes awry with the servers, you can return to the old state with the backups. You can find more information about backing up in the offical doc. Refresh the plug-ins. Necessary theme and suggested plug-in are contained in theme pack in the ../Newspaper-tf/plugins directory.

See the instructions for updating the plug-in. Prepare - How to prepare your ThemeForest.net updates files: Once you have downloaded the file, you must select whether to install the fix via FTP, WordPress, or the Envato WordPress Toolkit. Stage 2 - Go to the "Your website / wp-content/themes" directory and save your newsprint design directory by storing it on your computer, or you can just erase it.

You will not lose your contents, but please be aware that if you change the theme codes, they will be deleted. Once the upgrade is complete, you must apply it again. 3 - Connect your FTP to Filezilla. 4 - In Filezilla, browse to the WordPress theme folder "Your website / wp-content/themes".

5 - Get the newspaper zip from your new ThemeForest software package and unzip the zip to get the newspaper design update directory. Stage 6 - Drag and drop the new Newspaper Topic folders into Your Website / wp Contents / Topics and replace the current ones. Stage 7 - Update the plug-ins. Since the old Envato Toolkit is outdated, it has been superseded by a new plug-in named Envato Market.

Please complete these simple procedures to refresh your design fully automatic. Stage 2 - Upload the Envato WordPress plug-in and enable it (.zip which you have downloaded). Stage 3 - Creating your own custom Tokens - To generate a custom Tokens, go to the appropriate links on the plug-in setup page and following the on-screen prompts.

Stage 4 - Enter your Envato Tokens code (not the name of the token) in the appropriate area. 5 - Create a new article - Adds your design to the bought articles listing. Re-require your Envato article ID number and your Envato custom ID number. 5489609 for newspapers and 9512331 for Newsmag.

When everything up to this point is correctly configured and you have saved your changes, a new tabs named Topics will appear in the plug-in preferences. Stage 6 - Refresh your theme - Press the Refresh theme icon and allow the theme to be updated. Stage 7 - Refresh the plug-ins.

Stage 1 - Disable the currently active "Newspaper" theme from the Appearance > Topics section by selecting another theme. As soon as you have activated another design, remove the design of the paper. Stage 2 - Get the "Newspaper.zip" from your new theme forest files package (installable WordPress files only). When you have finished downloading "All Files & Documentation" from Thermeforest, you will need to unpack the archived document, the paper.

3 - Go to Appearance > Topics, select New topic, select "Add new topic", download "Newspaper. zip" and click the "Install now" icon. Stage 4 - After your download is complete, select the Activate topic. Stage 5 - Refresh the plug-ins. News 4 update: We suggest that you perform a neat upgrade, i.e. we suggest that you remove the old theme prior to posting the new one.

Problems may occur if you perform an upload via your current topic. Make sure you remove the following items from Gazette 4: Upgrade from Gazette 4: Please run the importscript if you want to upgrade from an older copy of the Gazette, but only after you have saved your preferences.

Once the imported scripts have been executed, it may be not be possible to revert to the older versions of the theme without backing up the databases!

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