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Order code Envato Article

Press the Download button of the theme you purchased in your Downloads list. Enter your article purchase code here and confirm the validity for the support. Then click on the "License Certificate and Purchase Code" link.

Order code - Where can I find my order code?

Once you have made a purchase, the item downloading link will appear in your Envato Downloads section of your Envato Store. Downloads that you get contain a main file or installer pack and the license certificate that contains your purchase code. Please note: If you do not have an order code, we cannot offer our customers our free product service.

How to retrieve your order code for an item: Login to your Envato bankroll. Choose the License Certificate & Purchase Code product links. Please click the text button to get the PDF file with your purchase code. Once you have received your order code, you can use it to sign up for the topic.

In order to find out how to do this, see the How to Registers Topic articles.

To find your ThemeForest item purchase code

In order to get assistance from AWESEM, we need to verify your purchase. You can use ThemeForest's Item Purchase Code to obtain technical assistance. Find the AWESEM topic you bought in your "Downloads" dropdown and click the "Download" link. A dropdown box will open with an item or "License Certificate and Order Code" downloading item listed.

Once you have retrieved the certificates, you can open them in a text editing application such as Notepad and copy the item purchase code: The present documents certify the purchase of: as described in the general sales and delivery policy for the Envato marketplaces. The article: After all, use this item purchase code when you submit a Suport Pass.

Your order will be confirmed by e-mail with your order detail and the "Your Download Code" you need to get to our technical forums. If you have not yet recieved this e-mail, please contact us using the e-mail contact page on our ThemeForest profiles page.

"Envato's item purchase code is incorrect! To view the automatic

Problem with the automatic update: "Envato's item purchase code is incorrect! In case the fix does not work for you, please try to refresh both the plugin page and the program as well. Currently the updating function does not work. We' re working on an fix that will fix this.

Manual refresh required: Reload the envato plug-in, deinstall the old one, and reinstall the old one from the Microsoft Plug-in page.

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