Envato Joomla Templates

Envato Joomla Templates

Mega star - Business Joomla Template from ddthemes Star for Joomla is a state-of-the-art, customizable website templates for B2B, B2C enterprise, corporate and organizational website development. Supports included. Here at cdthemes, we aim to create nice website templates and templates that argue for a market segmentation, we research, create and create with that market segmentation the essence of every choice we make, and the results stand out.

Megastar for Joomla provides you with the most advanced, fastest reacting and sophisticated designs for any company - whether B2B or B2C - we have you under control. Completely free of charge templates set-up like demonstration site for all clients, just buy the templates and get us a free trial version our technical staff will take care of the quick start kit for you.

Include 4 header styles and 6 menu styles, you can mix and match any of them.

Shortcuts - Quix convenient shortcuts make fast website creation a breeze. Font Google - Take full benefit of the Google font library Quix selects and use it wherever you want. Newest PHP State of the Art Supported - Quix requires at least PHP 5.6, even if it supports the latest PHP 7, so no compromises with the latest state of the art.

The 520+ and 800+ symbols of the Awesome Font and the LineAwesome lines provide full scale assistance, even retinal displays, and you can call them wherever you want. Use K2 styling with custom template for better blogs and portfolios. Any installed extensions (components, modules, plugins) are contained in the scope of delivery. They are well supported by an on-line document page and also have a special system of supports with an energetic group.

Preparation for translations and multilingual and RTL functions supported. and much more, I think it's better if you visit the full demonstration page. Note: No stick picture contained in this kit, you have to buy it seperately. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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