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Optimizing the ThemeForest Landing Page Generally speaking, the fact that a favorite retailer has something on their ThemeForest landing page is no assurance that it will work for you. Again a big "thank you" to all who volunteered and shared their wisdom! In your opinion, what has contributed to making your Envato product more eye-catching?

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Brute criticism of 10 best-selling landing page templates from ThemeForest

Therefore it is important for the shop to be designed. You should create your own landing page and hope it doesn't look 100% ugly? I' ve analysed 10 of the best selling landing page template - and my commentaries are here for you to read. Research is conducted on large areas of social transformation such as Social Triggers and CrazyEgg.

First of all, there is a distinction between slim and actually transforming designs. Guess the high schools of designing don't lecture on these things. Second, landing page is a separate page - not a bunch of pages that form a website. When you want to resell something, you need a focussed page with an offering.

I' m worried that many shoppers of these best-selling site submissions actually wanted to buy a much less expensive site submission, not a landing page. You will not really get "more value" if you buy a multi-page original. I' ve taken 10 best-selling themes on ThemeForest which are displayed under'Landing Pages' and ordered by sell. This bestselling submission has nearly 2000 sells at the instant of posting this article, so I would say that there is quite a bit of a niche there.

If you take these comments as hints on how you can enhance any design, you should make a purchase despite my hard work. Ok, first of all I'm not quite sure what makes this site the best selling landing page, but it's definitely not the description: How dramatic but the difference between this landing page with and without videos is really impressive.

These are the remaining remarks: "Call now" distracts your eye from the initial call to trade that should be on our schedule (by the way, you can do that). There is another CTA in the bottom line - Link to Network. The ' Get Now' pushbutton should appear in a high-contrast colour to enhance your pageversions.

To reduce the number of squares to one is one, to experiment with different key captions is another. A Facebook comment can be used as evidence, but only until you have an unsatisfied client (or troll). So, if you're not willing to handle these commentaries around the clock, it might be better if you just add credible, hard-coded endorsements.

Are you sure your videotape didn't convince them to send you your e-mail? Are you sure the other side of the site does? I' m going to discuss this variant of the bill. The price list even has an uninteresting buttom. No landing page. Let's face it - this isn't really a landing page.

All this would push the conversations into the floor - if this were a real landing page anyway. Test stories should contain an ideal picture of the individual giving them in order to create more authenticity. Everybody can cite John Doe from the Neverheardofit Company and include a fictitious endorsement to help you find a way to make your own credible (e.g. videos endorsements).

Don't be amazed if this page gets one of those web designs prizes. CTA key is not noticeable. Should I buy this application, subscribe to your email or maybe even get in touch with you? Think I' ll go like your Facebook page instead. Granted, this is perhaps the best draft yet.

There are beautifully crafted eye-catchers and the functions of the apps are presented in an appealing way. There' s no point in turning the end of the enquiry sheet, but well. Honestly, this site is almost as nasty as the number 1 on this page. It' s quite a general theme, but in some cases you want it - especially with originals.

I' m reluctant to reiterate myself, but this CTA badge is only slightly better than that of the former contestants. Because we want our users to register for the evaluation version, there is no need for human networking symbols or contacts. The same applies to the bottom line with extra superfluous contents that are simply dropped onto the page.

Besides, these endorsements don't look convincing at all. The addition of pictures and quotation marks around them would greatly enhance this look. Briefly, I wouldn't buy this pattern. Let's just hopefully next time restore my hopes to... well, to templating designer. However, I will check his homepage if someone has mistakenly purchased this for his landing page.

Press the Command key. I' m a symbol of society. I' m not sure if this is the case in this presentation, but ideal enough a testimonial should not contain any link to distract the user. However, this bill is not particularly nasty. It is a very good way to stand out and repeat the knob several time. There' s room for test stories, feature articles, press reports and many more items that are not to be missed on a landing page.

A lot of importance is attached to pictures of products, which adds even more points to this pattern. I have only a few comments: top of the page show my socially oriented icon and 'subscribe to newsletter'. That' s something that' s definitely something you should try out thoroughly, but in general you should keep to a unique offering - for example "buy now".

Best way to use this site would be as a sqeeze page. Testimonials look fairly unconvincing, like so many on this one. You should get rid of these symbols of society. So I don't think this mask will make the incision. It' hard to find out what this site has to say - do you want me to call or call you or subscribe to your newsletters or maybe make the tours your own products?

The ' testimonials' and badge designs are another issue raised in earlier reviews. I' m assuming that this so-called "landing page" will spend so much of your ad space that it' s not even fun. One more of these elegant landing pages with unusual scroll-Animationen. The Call to Action badge does not take off, but inserts itself into the remainder of the page.

If you make it a stuffed knob in either red or red, it would definitely attract more attention. It might also be a good suggestion to throw away the note "subscribe to newsletter" (and refresh the initial ca at the bottom of the page). Corresponding to the benefit vs. function principles of copying, this original places too much value on functions.

Replacing a few pictures of actual clients with some copies of how this application will help them resolve a issue could make this submission better. Created with Bootstrap, this pattern has many little surprise, such as an animated image and this tedious parallel scroll effect.

However, it does lead the eyes quite beautifully through the side - there are no diversions. These testimonies are from these camp men? Contacting us part does not include on a landing page, and the same applies to welfare symbols. Are you wondering how to choose the best pattern?

Now, it will help to know some basics on how to change landing pages. As well as these important and fundamental principals, here is a list of factors to consider before clicking the "Buy this" link. In this article you will find hints on what makes a good template: a unique offering, no diversions, good evidence, etc.

You can now go out and use this new wisdom to choose the best model for your products.

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