Envato License

Envato license

As an Envato author, you can use other elements in the preview of your article without a license under conditions. Please see the FAQs on author licensing. Licence conditions - Envato Elements GmbH Some Elements may have a third person purchase a part of the Element, and other license conditions may be applicable to that part, such as a third person's license or an Open source or Creative Commons license. Otherwise, the item is located in the item descriptor or in the item's downloadable file.

Other license is valid for this part instead of this license. The license is valid for the remainder of the object. One design may contain pictures licenced under a CCBY license of Adobe Commons CCBY. CCBY license is valid for these particular pictures. The license is valid for the remainder of the topic.

Some elements are covered by a GNU General Public License (GPL) or other open code license. An open sourcecode license conditions are attached to the element (as a text document or in some cases as part of the element itself). All portions of the Object that are licensed under the Open-Source License are governed by these Open-Source License Conditions to the fullest extent permitted by the Open-Source License Conditions and the type of Object, and this License shall continue to govern the remainder of the Object.

For WordPress and other open sources, open code license is required for topics and plug-ins. If an article contains GPL or other open code license related software products, information about the license is noted in the article's downloaded file. It is not our responsibility to ensure the correctness of the item, and we are not liable for any item content, item descriptions or key words provided by the item owners, nor are we liable for any item content purchased from a third person.

Contents used by the element creator to show how the element works (e.g. photographs in designs and video sound files) may originate from third parties and it is your sole and exclusive responsability to review the file to make sure it is licensed for your use.

Only use an object for legal use. In addition, you may not use any object in conjunction with any materials that are abusive, libelous, defamatory, harassing, sexually explicit, abusive, degrading, or discriminatory. When an object contains an illustration of a human being, even if the object is model-published, you cannot use it in a way that generates a false identities, implicates a personally endorsed nature of a products by the individual, or in association with susceptible persons.

"The license is in effect in connection with the Envato Elements Disclaimer. In the event of any discrepancy between this License and the Conditions of Use, this License shall continue to operate to the full satisfaction of the parties. "This License may be cancelled for any Article if you violate the License and do not correct the violation.

In the event of cancellation, you will be required to cease using the element in question, which means that you will no longer be required to make or distribute a copy of the end product made with that element (unless you delete the element from it). Property is reserved by the proprietor of each object. They may not assert any right to title to an article even if it has been amended in accordance with Article 8, e.g. by means of contents identifying schemes.

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