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Creating a Custom Login Page in WordPress Probably you haven't thought much about the standard WordPress login page. Since it serves its purpose, there is no urgent need for the occasional WordPress users to modify it. However, if you want to build a login page for a customer's or member's website, the dull standard options simply won't stop it.

Having a customized login page is an great way to make a good first impact and enhance your image. And the best way to make the WordPress login page new is with a plug-in - and today I'll show you how to use Envato Market's WordPress Login & Access plug-in.

In addition to the creation of a new, customized login page, the plug-in also provides the essential member site features, so it has a great value of only $20. Like always we begin with the setup. In order to reinstall the WordPress Plug-in please go to Plugins > Create New > Upload plug-in. Click Browse to find the appropriate . Zip archive before you click Installs Now > Active Plug-in.

Much of the use of the plug-in is to redesign and rename the standard WordPress login page, so let's get started. Go to Settings > PA Login & Access and browse down to the Styling section. I' m sure we're all comfortable with it, but let me remind you what the standard WordPress login screens look like.

If you add an icon to the Login Images box, you can replace the WordPress icon with your own. Also you can modify the wallpaper colours or load a full picture if you want. Once you're done, click Save Changes to get a fully revised login window. They can also use PA Login & Accessibility to limit member account activity.

That means that the plug-in works as a simple member plug-in. Contents limitations are managed through the Access Control section of the PA Control & Access monitor. Optionally, you can authorise all contents, freeze all contents, or set certain limits. In case you opt for an individually restricted version, the plug-in divides the contents into articles and pages.

Select the limited contents from a drop-down menu or limit whole folders. In order to increase the number of members, PA Control & Access recommends that your website visitors register for your website (more on this later). It is possible to set up multiple login preferences in the setup dialog.

These include that a Math captcha restricts unauthorized bot usage and that an automatically created secure user passcode is enabled - the alternate is for them to choose their own. There are three important pages that your members must be able to visit when setting up a member site - login, sign up and forgot your passwords.

In order to enhance your website accessibility, PA Control & Accessibility allows you to include hyperlinks to these pages on your website. The plug-in initially allows you to include these pages in your navigational menu. The plug-in feature is disabled by default, so click Screen Options at the top right, and then select the control next to PA Modal Link.

You can use the drag-and-drop functionality of the main window to create login/logout and registration pages. Another way you have is to use shortcuts that also allow you to place shortcuts to your member pages in all widgets areas that your design supports. Or you can use shortcuts to include the link anywhere in your contents.

No matter if you just want to have a good time with your WordPress login page, want to make an impression on customers or want to strengthen your marketing, the Custom Login & Access WordPress Plugin offers you everything you need. With just a few moments and a few mouse clicks, adjust every part of your login page.

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