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The Envato developers didn't build good filters to avoid cross-site injections, so I noticed that I could easily insert HTML code (and even Javascript). I contacted Envato urgently and after some research to find the cause, they wrote me that the two vulnerabilities could lead to a near by-pass of some endpoints in the code.

Team di Envato, please. First of all I am an Envato author: I started selling my products (like plugins and designs) in August. The Envato is an Australian giant whose goal was to create markets and enable freelancers like me to sell products (such as themes, songs, plugins, graphics).

I am mainly web developer (although I am not bad on the desktops side) and security researcher. I think that data security must be one of the priorities, if not the most important, for companies like Envato. Envato currently has more than 1 million customers with more than 41 million products sold in approximately 11 years.

It all started when I came across various bow bounties from various famous companies, including the Australian giant Envato. Of course, by testing the infrastructure and the different markets, I automatically accepted a bugs binty with exact rules to improve the relationship between the development staff and the researcher.

For those who do not know what a bugs binty is, it is simply an "agreement" between two parties: the company and the researcher, thanks to which a person can receive recognition and rewards for reporting bugs, especially those related to exploits and vulnerabilities. "Remember that you cannot run tests unless you accept Envato's bolty bugs program.

"That is, I opened my web page and typed into one of Envato's famous markets: Codecanyon. Codecanyon allows you to resell plugins of all kinds, from Wordpress to Prestashop, but also web applications developed with phi. But let's continue with the order, one of the vulnerabilities accepted by the Envato program: Cross-site scripting, injectedQL, remote code execution, and workarounds.

Since I started developing and testing web apps, the biggest risk for vulnerabilities besides open ports, poorly configured servers with public FPT, is user-entry. User inputs, when poorly built, can be the first way to add, change or delete some data, even if they do not have full access to the data base.

Then, if the inputs on the various pages are invoked without filter (control), an attacker could inject some malicious scripts. One of the most frequently used entry fields to "test" the web application is the search bar: In every website there is always one, on the one hand it could also be a useful function for end users, on the other hand it could be the best way for attacks like SQL injections.

Without good filtration, the Web application could perform any entry that allows a user-supplied encoding and/or querying using the SQL command. In my case I tried to insert a search into the search field, like where '1' = 1, fortunately it didn't work (it was great news, imagine if I had access to the database).

I expected this because the Lucky for me guys had developed a separate front end and a back end, but never trust blindly, even the back end can have some vulnerabilities that would lead to full access to the data if used correctly. There is one kind of vulnerability that frightens many developers around the world (read and re-read by a final report of 2016 by Hackerone): the Cross Site Scripting Injection.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability that affects dynamic Web sites that use inadequate forms input control. An XSS allows a cracker to insert or execute client-side code to implement a variety of attacks, such as: collecting, manipulating, and redirecting confidential information, displaying and modifying data on servers, changing the dynamic behavior of Web pages, etc.

In today's sense, the technique involves the use of any client-side script language including JavaScript, HTML. Their impact can vary from a minor impact to a significant security risk, depending on the sensitivity of the data processed at the vulnerable point and the nature of the security strategies implemented by the site owners.

I found out that every request was passed to the front end as a URL similar to the following: https://codecanyon. net/search/query where the query ist the query query, which can be any word. But what if I try to replace queries with an XSScript? As you can see from the screenshots below, it seems that the web application has filtered my input and returned a 404 page, then they are also protected by XSS Injection.

Unfortunately it is not so, in fact replace queries with , the search page gave me an unexpected result. The following screen shots give a complete overview of what a vulnerability might be: On the search page, if the back end finds a product related to the search request, a sentence appears: "You have found 301 search plugs and scripts of $2. All from our web community", where $query is your search term (in the example the word was "envato").

I noticed that the front end did not disinfect the user's search input.

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