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Bank account limits - Envato Market Help Center What can I do to modify my name? Where can I reset my account name? What can I do to update my e-mail address? What can I do to cancel my account? In the Envato market, Envato credit limit amounts that you can append to your account can be set.

The limit values may vary over the course of your life, so look back here for more information.

The Envato credit on your account is thus limited: Envato allows you to credit all your held bank balances up to a maximum of USD 10,000 over 24 years to all your bank balances. There may be other restrictions. If you are a client, please send a query to our help team if these restrictions concern you.

What can I do to modify my name?

What can I do to terminate or terminate my account or claim a refund? How can I do this? - Envato harboured

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The Envato hosted services are continuous and recurrent and will continue to be in effect until you terminate your membership. Applications for cancellations must be made at least 1 working days in advance of a settlement period in order to prevent charges for that period. In order to unsubscribe, please login to your Envato hosted account and click on the pinion symbol to the right of your schedule and select Unsubscribe.

It is necessary to do this to make sure that an authorised individual closes the account. In general, there will be no refund for subscriptions paid on a per month basis unless we have made changes to these conditions that significantly adversely affects you, or as requested by Australia Consumers Act or other applicable legislation.

Further information can be found in our General Conditions. Annual prepaid customers can claim a full refund within 30 business days following the date of purchase without question. When we choose to provide a reimbursement or credits, this is usually done in the same way as when we place the order. Reimbursements are made in US Dollar and may take several business days, subject to your banking or financial institution's approval.

In order to cancel your Envato Market account, please submit a query to the Envato Market Help Team. The account termination means that you no longer have direct contact with your purchases. To stop e-mail alerts, you can change your settings here from your Envato account:

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