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Reading this here means that you have accepted our Envato Market Terms. What is the Envato Market Partner Program? - Envato Market Help Center

What is the Envato Market Partner Program? When you recommend a new member who logs in and makes a buy or pay-in on one of Envato Market's websites, you will get 30% of the original spending. By depositing $20 into your bankroll, you will get $6, or if you buy an object that costs $100, you will get $30.

Environment uses a cookie to keep tracking visitors who have visited your site by clicking on your cookie so that they must have activated it. Once a cookie is deleted, it will no longer be used. Clicking on your recommendation hyperlink and then later clicking on another one will still make the edit yours.

As soon as a visitor has clicked on a hyperlink, he has 3 month to log in before the cookies expire. It is not permitted to return from Envato Market to yourself for recommendations. Once a visitor has been to the Envato market and has clicked on a recommendation hyperlink, it does not matter.

Envato's recommendation software is governed by a fairly designed user guideline that gives Envato the right to verify all recommendations. You can use your own website or your own search engine optimization to present an article via your recommendation hyperlink. Make a blogs related to the area you market and add your own hyperlinks.

No: Buy Envato brand keys at Google AdWords. Buy a domainname, web site name, web site name, web site name, web site name, search machine, or pay-per-click advertising that uses incorrect spelling or Envato brands. Each Envato Market account holder is given a recommendation key upon registration. Add your recommendation hyperlink to your blogs, your online community, your web site, etc.

Here you will find recommendation flags for each of the Envato Market pages. It is also possible to make a recommendation hyperlink by attaching the reference ref=user name (and your user name) to one of our hyperlinks. e.g. http://themeforest.net?ref=HelpCenter would lead you directly to themesforest or www.helppCenter to a particular element. If you want to generate a web address from a query (and the web address already contains a ? sign), you must instead enter &ref=username.

When you add a recommendation key to a thumbnail, please make sure you use the right URL. Would you like to take your recommendation revenue to the next step? Find out how you can boost your recommendation revenue through recommendation strategy.

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