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Best 50 After Effect Templates of the Year 2016 By 2016, "video" no longer means only films and television. Starting with YouTube channel and directly into Facebook generated contents up to new message room format like Vice News Tonight, the possibilities and uses for videos are more diverse than ever. Until 2019, it is expected that more than half of all online videos will be delivered to the Contents Net, with more than 1/3 of the world's total audience using YouTube.

Accessing your own creation tool and template makes it simpler than ever to produce high-quality work. With Adobe After Effects, you'll find that it's the favorite tool for movie makers, videographers, and animators - professional and amateur users alike - thanks to its powerful features and capabilities. This Adobe-developed processing tool is designed to produce animated videos, effects, motion graphics, and composition.

With VideoHive as the world's premier After Effects template platform, you can easily envision choosing from a variety of high-quality content. Here is our summary of the best After Effects artwork on our 2016 space - from our best-selling titles of all times to breakeven trends and new format releases.

Tops 1 - 10 of the bestsellers of the year 2016: As Yeaboy has other great After Effects plug-ins available, be sure to take a look at her authors page. Would you like to make a dramatical appearance with your own company name? It' s easy and accurate, and the low cost makes it a useful complement to your library.

The best-selling 3-D logotype makes any logos 3-D, and the length and colour of the lenses is customizable. A must-have for your collection of editing and editing skills, this stunning After Effects icon animation artwork is a must-have. 35 full colored wildcards without plug-ins are included in this one. Create your own customized characters and then move them to match your explanatory videos, presentations, products or more.

Clear, minimum caption templates in the bottom third of your videos - perfect for capturing images or titling. There are six pre-built wallpapers and free upgrades for this logotype work. This is a romantically designed compilation of songs for a honeymoon movie or slide show. Create your own Super Hero styled logos or cartoon books.

Movie slide show artwork with adjustable colours and apertures. Bring your picture to the next step with this amazing dual expose master. This is a colourful and original design with fluid components and eye-catching images. The info graphics are so 2015 - expand them with a visual info graphic. Lightly animated with easy, classical forms. Ensure they don't overlook what you're saying by attaching these labels to your movie.

The last times we looked at it, it was only 196, so this After Effect goes beyond that. Mapping your trip on a tape. A customizable promotional videotape for your next meeting. See VideoHive for more of the best After Effects plug-ins and artwork.

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