Envato Market Alternative

Environment Market Alternative

When selecting a market, you need to take a look at the niche. The PackageCart is an alternative to the envato marketplace, which is operated by Git. This is a popular alternative to the WordPress theme marketplace. Are you looking for reliable Envato Studio alternatives?

Which are the alternative to the Envato supermarkets?

When you are looking for an alternative market place, just have a look at the complete listing that can be found on one of the replies here (great work, Pablo!). They should recall that the sale on a market place means that you are starting their store, not yours. As you are asking for alternative solutions to marketing sites, I believe that you are open to the notion that your sales growth is much greater if you don't advertise on a marketing site, but rather advertise on your own site, without competing with hundreds of millions of other vendors on the same site - then read on.

Alternatively to Envato's ThemeForest themed market and CodeCanyon codemarket, I suggest that you try a Freemius that allows you to resell your designs and/or plug-ins and save you the same amount of headache by completing the entire ordering for you.

There are also other important commercial advantages such as: Keep a bigger slice of the cake for yourself instead of giving Envato high fees (between 32.5%-70% - that's crazy!). Repetitive sales and automated renewal are an options not available on the marketplace. Allows you to make recurrent payment from the same client as long as they remain active users of your products.

A lot of writers have made the choice to pull out of the marketplace approach and start selling on their own website, and if you know this, you will definitely see a significant sales up.

Envato's 10 main competitors and alternatives (Apr 2018)

Envato's two notable choices are 3dCart and iVend. The 3dCart is a web-based application and provides a free evaluation version. The functions that are usual between this and Envato are order fulfillment, the catalogue and basket of goods management. The functions of on-line order acceptance, multi-channel integrations and e-mail marketings are missing.

It provides an additional function of accepting cards. It provides only one delivery paradigm on site and provides a variety of functions. Like Envato, it provides integrated trolley and order-handling. In addition, it provides analysis, management of contents, payment cards, multi-store operations, storage space analysis, stock control and stock control.

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