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Reference Guide AudioJungle Vocals - Envato Market Help Center - Envato Market Help Center May I use already available Audioloops sample? Read the following instructions when recording singing to your AudioJungle channel. Author can enter songs with the following singing choices. When one or more of these points match your element, choose all of them (Ctrl+Click on a computer or Command+Click on a Mac) in the Attributes section of the submission forme.

In case your article does not contain any voices at all, just activate the box 'Instrumental only'. Make sure you choose the "Lead Vocals" property on your element when the voice is at the center of the track, usually carries the principal theme, and often contains words/lyrics. For example #3: An opera with a full part.

The Background Vocals/HarmoniesBackground Vocals/Harmonies are all singing parts that are not the center of the songs and serve as supportive tunes and harmony next to or instead of musical accompaniment. The background vocals/harmonies can be either poetic (e.g. echoing/harmonization with a single leading voice) or unlyric (e.g.'ooh's,'ahh's,'la la la's) and usually contain two or more concurrent but different voices.

If you use small extracts of words and phrases in your song that have often been previously captured and are usually repeated, rhythmically and manipulated (e.g. "what's up!", "let's go" or "drop the bass"), be sure to choose the'Vocal Samples' property on your element. Included songs that contain singing can be found to be less useful as many purchasers need to include their own voice-over and sound as well.

The installation of an instrument-based model offers the buyer this possibility and allows greater overall versatility. Therefore, we suggest to combine an instrument-based part of your tracks in your Items. Be sure to choose this option if you have recorded an instrument-based recording along with your complete voice arrangements. See the AudioJungle File Preparation Guidelines for details on how to cluster different tracks within your article.

In case your article does not contain any voices at all, just activate the box 'Instrumental only'. As a rule, AudioJungle only accept articles with singing that are in German. The texts should be suitable for use in mainly British market. AudioJungle will not accept songs that contain excess singing element (e.g. screaming or screaming, extremely dissonant or too complex/distracted vocals) that reduce the business value in general project work.

If you submit your singing tune, you should submit it under the most important categories for its particular type of musicality. So for example a popular songs with singing should fall under the heading "Pop", a popular songs with singing under "Rock", and so on. Singing, voice" should be reserved for a cappella, choir and other mainly vowel types of style.

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