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Vivi vs. Avada vs. XP Theme: Final comparison (2018)

There are three ways you can start to build a website with Avada: Take one of the available demo games as your point of departure - Avada comes with many of them, and there's a good probability that you'll find something that's right for you, especially if you're working on a niche website.

Imports your Fusion Builder contents that you have previously created (probably when creating a former Avada site) - this can involve user-defined stored container, column, element, or full-page template. Next is always the introduction to the Avada / Theme Options panels. That is the side bar of this panel: Sample menus settings:

At the top you will also see a retrieval box in which you can view all your custom preferences using the keywords you have entered. Each of these topic choices is globally applicable to each page or posting. Apart from that, each page and contribution also has its own radio buttons that you can use to change the overall setting.

That means you're much less likely to encounter a particular topic that you can't modify without going into the sources. Important for all types of non-standard build is that Avada has its own hook, action, and filter. It seems Avada is completely ignoring the WordPress Customizer.

The customizer does not contain any theme-specific Customizing options. With Avada you can create an entire website and not even access the customizer. The entry into Divi is similar to Avada, but there are minor differences: If you want, you can either begin from zero and customize the Divi themes with your own preferences or use a sub-design.

As an alternative, you can use some of the pre-defined themes that belong to the topic, or just bring in other themes (either your own or from the web - ElegantThemes themselves make something available from time to time). Whichever way you go, you'll quickly find your way into one of Divi's thematic choices.

Topic Options - here you can adjust all important topic options (color schemes, different API keys, logos, favicon, etc.), navigational, fundamental layouts, as well as image and GA integration. themme customizer - this is essentially the fire of WordPress customizer and you can optimize the appearance of various items, such as the headers and footers, types, buttons style, and many other things.

It' s better than Avada just because you can see the results of what you do in person. Modul-Customizer - this will reactivate the customizer, but this times the displayed options refer to the single items of the Divi-subject. Apart from all these tune-up functions, most of your work with Divi is actually done in single pages and postings.

Divi still makes the overall impression on me that the general themes are designed to give your site a unified feeling, while the pages are where all the action is. Every single page can use a different lay-out so that you can build pages for all kinds of uses within the same website.

Even when trying to experiment with different layouts/demos it seems that Divi's are less clumsy and don't need as much tune-up afterwards - unlike Avada's or X's. After all, we have the subject matter of the X. Firstly, you can select from a fistful of demonstration contents packs. It has a large selection of so-called "standard demos" plus a few "extended demos".

" In the first case, the simple fillers in one of X's designer stack (more on this in a minute) are the main ingredients. These are rather niches - demonstrations for an agent, a eatery, etc. These advanced demonstrations are much more impressing. Then there are the designer stack, which serves as a kind of package of preferences and style to make your website look more consistent.

Check out the available demonstrations and see if there's anything there that you particularly like. Then take this demonstration and customize the details as needed. Otherwise, go to the customizer and select the custom ization batch that comes nearest to the look you're looking for. Browse through the customizer section and customize as needed.

It' s noteworthy that the customizer is the only option pane of X, so to say. Nowhere else in the deshboard are there other important choices. The total number of adjustment choices available is much smaller than what Avada has to offer. Once you have finished using the customizer, continue with the pages.

Like Divi, the pages can look very different, and you can base them on a fistful of predefined template files. Using these models, we have a more developer-friendly design, but it also means that not everything is so clear when you just start with the topic.

At the end, when it comes to easy setting up the base website with Divi vs Avada vs X, my rankings are this: Only the last one on this is Avada, since there is no frontend edit user area. To you, the mere number of choices could be the most important thing (so Avada would be number 1 for you), and that's totally comprehensible.

The Divi has an entire store that you can embed on any page. avada comes with some WooCommerce demo contents and provides a great overall integrated with WooCommerce and its components. With WooCommerce, for all four designer stages, WooCommerce has created custom demonstrations of your work. When you buy the developer license with Divi, you can use any of Elegant Themes' plug-ins, and they all fit well into the overall look.

And Avada offers you the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder (both of which are necessary for Avada to work) plus two other premier solutions: If, for example, you want to place the contents of the website in a raster, you can select between the raster and the essential raster. is the only topic here that offers you an offical Whitelabel expansion.

At the end, in the enlargement section, the rankings are between Divi vs Avada vs X: I don't think there is a clear winners if you look at what is possible with any kind of outfit. These three are exceptional when it comes to the styles and layout that either come with the original artwork or can be created by their drag-and-drop constructors.

Essentially it's about your personal tastes, both in surface finish and in the amount of things you can change/adapt: To see the results of your work in live mode, select Divi or X. If the mere number of available choices is important, select Avada.

When you are looking for the major ingredients to customize the look of each theme: Everything in Avada is in the theme's own option area (wp-admin / Avada /theme Options). Divi lets you find things both in a window for user-defined settings (wp-admin / Divi) and in the customizer. Everything in XP is in the customizer.

Next are the drag-and-drop context developers.

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