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to contact Envato??? HI, How can I get a reimbursement? Hello again, I asked for a reimbursement but didn't get an reply.

We would like to buy another topic, but we want to be sure that we get the reimbursement. Can' t find the reimbursement in my account, is that usual?

So why can't we go directly to someone who follows our up? Unfortunately, you have to be patience while envato examines it. You have a hyperlink to this on the market place?

Buyer Article Support FAQ - Envato Market Help Center

And what is Items Support? Whether you have assistance or not: Beginning with the initial article assistance notice, articles shipped before September 1, 2015 will be handled as follows: If you are then a Pre-Policy Purchaser and believe that you are eligible for a longer term of assistance on the basis of the initial purchasing conditions, please contact the Authors directly to ask them to comply with the assistance contract currently offer.

For further support, please contact the Envato Help Team.

Help! Help! My bank has been taken over - Envato Market Help Center

Should you believe that your escrow accounts have been compromised or retrieved without your consent, please contact the Envato Help Desk immediately. When you can log in to your account: Please obey the directions below to contact the Envato Help team: When you can't log in: Contact the Envato Help staff and enter the following information:

We do not allow you to share your accounts as defined in our Member Agreement. What can I do to cancel my membership?

Author Article Support FAQ - Envato Market Help Center

No matter how you decide to assist your clients, there is a way to see if they have current support: whether they have current or not; with current level technical assistance. In order to mirror what is purchased, and to help writers better identify and describe their revenue for bookkeeping needs, we divide the revenue of a sponsored article purchase into two rows (license and packaged support).

Writers will still make exactly the same amount of cash from a sales as they would have done before, it's only spread over two rows of explanation. Since we divide a sponsored article into two parts (license and support), the author's fees and applicable tax were charged seperately so that rounded amounts can be doubled, i.e. each sales can be up to 1 penny (positive or negative).

Article Supports Guideline covers all classes on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon except - POSD Styles, Drawing Styles, TypeEngine Topics, Mobile and Edge Animate Styles. And what is the itemupport?

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