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Then click 'License Certificate & Purchase Code' (available as PDF or text file). In order to find your license key/order code, you must log into your envato marketplace (themeforest/codecanyon) account and go to your "Downloads" page. Then click the "License Certificate & Purchase Code" link in the drop-down menu.

Example of a PDF license certificate and an order code:

Need a purchase code? - Envato Elements Help Center

The Envato Elements does not assign purchase code when you are downloading an article, instead you receive an on-going licence for a specified individual use when you sign up the article for a specific work. Find out more about the screws and screws of the Envato Elements Licence here. Which is an order code? Do I need a purchase code for Envato Elements?

How about WordPress topics on Envato Elements? Are you planning to implement order code at Envato Elements? Which is an order code? An order code is a licence ID for the product you bought separately on Envato Market. In the Envato market, the purchase code is displayed with the article after purchase and is attached to your product file.

Each marketplace functions differently, you can find out more about the Envato market here. Do I need a purchase code for Envato Elements? Neither of the elements in our kuratierten libraries require a purchase code. How about WordPress topics on Envato Elements? Some elements such as WordPress topics have functions that can be enabled via a purchase code such as autoupdate.

Even though this function may not be available without an order code, you can still upgrade your topic or plug-ins yourself by simply download the latest versions of the element and upload the upgraded file into your plug-ins and topic folder. Are you planning to implement order code at Envato Elements? Don't at this stage, but keep an eye on our Envato Elements forum for the latest information and updating.

Where can I get my Envato purchase code?

To obtain the licence for your Envato purchase, please complete the following procedure. The FREE CODE can be found in this licence key folder. Log in to your Envato bankroll. Please click on the download snippet to go to your download snippet. Press the Download Topic pushbutton of the topic you bought in your Download History area.

From the dropdown list, click the "License certificate&purchase code (PDF)" button. Download the PDF or TXT licence files and receive the purchase code.

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