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And I can see how advertising on the Envato market can be misleading. Check the turnaround for new items. and I hated the buying experience. The Envato Market does not care about customer service. Civilization, domestic and foreign policy work, autonomy, speed of market introduction, sense of start-up.

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envato sux...don't be wasting your precious moment purchasing topics from them or topic forest...I purchased the first topic and it didn't work at all...I purchased another one and it wasn't even close to what it was meant to be. and then when i tried to buy it, the system took my cash and shut me out and some jolt off the buyer representative for envato explained to me that i had to do about 15 paces for a secutiry checkout to spend my cash with envato...lol....a safety inspection for paid customers...its a wonder they are still in business.

There are 2 articles purchased on my bankroll with my payment details. It was not ME who made the acquisition, but someone else who received the information. Please send me a reimbursement as it was not ME who purchased the item and this makes the sale void / unauthorised.

Only the cheapest item was reimbursed to me, and it was reimbursed as "credits" on the website. Now the buy/scam has been brought to my account, and I am awaiting them to cash out my funds that I did not spent, but someone else did. Obviously, this site only takes care of cash, and they follow their "refund policy" even when they are talking about unauthorised / fraudulent use of Credit Ships!

Envato's expertise shows me that they assist fraudulent / unauthorised operations that are not carried out by the cardholder himself. What I purchased was what was advertised as " dragging and dropping " Website Builders with ready-made pages. When I asked for help, it was said that I would get an answer within 5 working days and nothing came, although I allegedly had 6 free month free of charge service.

I applied for a reimbursement after 2 week without an answer and still no answer came until 10 after that. You turned down my reimbursement.

Obviously, I purchased a camcorder pack for the item that didn't fit the descriptions. Instead they gave me 12 month shop credits and deleted the file from my dowload listing (unterstanbly) I contact them and said that I don't want shop credits, I just want a rebate because I'm not even sure if I'll ever buy anything from them.

There it is: First they locked my Envato as a " safety precaution " and kept me from all my shopping so far, there is no way I can get them or anything else. You also requested that if I wanted a reimbursement, I should reverse the Paypal case.

Your support team is still sending me an email and saying things like - We're sorry your shopping history wasn't what you expected. It is too much to expect a good item to correspond to the specification. I am locked out of my bank because I am logged in from another state. They have my user name and my passphrase, but they still won't give me my login to my area.

Backup e-mails me back like a fucking macaw. This also applies to old credentials such as old credentials, old shopping cards, etc. Ancient things I can only see from GET INTO MYACCOUNT. A moneymaking system. Elevato had a Boo named program from the writer Themerella, they deleted this program and I don't get any further update, as it was given when I bought it.

I' ve been uploading a jpg file and waiting in the waiting line for 15 day to check it out and continue..... Envato's Envato plug-in "Add Custom Registration Fields" was the only plug-in that didn't work and was the worse, the plug-in caused trouble with other already existing plug-ins. Only 2 hrs after my order I informed the developer.

When I bought a plug-in, Envato asked me to buy Envato's Unrestricted 50% Discount Account (which was $16.50 per month), which gave me unrestricted subject matter and more. The reason I bought this plan was that I thought I could get the WordPress plug-in (Stachethemes Event Calendar) that I just bought when I received the command line.

It turns out that this particular plug-in is not contained in the plug-ins that I now have at my disposal with the subscriptions. During the registration procedure it was not made clear that the registration would not contain this plug-in - further I consider this to be deceptive and unfair from Envato's side.

I already bought the plug-in seperately, but now, instead of spending $35 for the plug-in I needed, I'm $233 for an "unlimited" plan for something I don't even need + the plug-in I initially wanted to buy. I even asked if they could convert my plan into a $33/mo plan, unsubscribe after the first months and pay back the $165 balance between the annual plan that I definitely don't need and the plan for the next year.

When I bought a plug-in from envato, it didn't work at all. So I contacted the plug-in developers to get help, and I never got an answer. Then I applied for a reimbursement and was again ignored, so I submitted a debate with my bench for the $27 outlay. In return, Envato has blocked my trading accounts, excluding my ability to receive technical assistance or update for the 2 topics and 3 plug-ins bought on their platforms for 3 of the 6 available month technical assistance that accompanies each sale.

I contacted Envato Technical Services and the agency asked me to refund them the $27 before they unlocked the game. Now, my site suffers from obsolete designs and plug-ins, unless I catch myself from mobbing and stealing by Envato. Terrific firm - the WP (Real Estate) softwares we bought from them is just fantastic and the tech is just right and believe me, I sent a lot of tech stuff and they all got answered!

Now it' s August 16th, I never got my cash back, they can't give me a banking statement, a bill ID or anything I can take to the store and show them. I lose $60. I'll never go shopping with you again.

And I can see how advertising on the Envato market can be deceptive. You will not reimburse me for any products I have accidentally purchased. From the beginning Envato was a scandalous experience, I purchased things that don't work, the back -of-the-money warranty doesn't work, vendors would make you think they're going to fix the issue, but they don't, it's just a stalling tactic to keep you from asking for a refund, if you ask for a refund, you don't get it, Envato supports you, you do everything you can when you get in touch with them, because they get their fee from the cash you paid for the item, if you get their fee from the item, if you get their fee, Envato will do anything to help you.

The ENVATO will remove your review, so how can the ENVATO say it is not involved in the crime taking place on its site? You can' t deceive me anymore, another shopper knows who was cheated on Envato, has just ended his career, he wrote a message saying he didn't get any help from Envato and that he hoped his condition would lead to ENVATO doing the right thing, I think it' a personal tragedy that could have been prevented, I wonder how many others died because of ENVATO?

So when are government agencies around the globe going to do anything about Envato? So if this keeps them from going to Envato, or just wants to make sure they know what they're doing with Envato Market Group, then I've made my little contribution, the best portal for stock photos, video and word-press masters!

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