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You can access your topic via the Downloads tab in Envato Market. Can I download my design? - Envato harboured Your topic can be accessed via the Download section of Envato Market. Remember that your Topic Licence is associated with your Envato Hosting ascription. Visit themeforest.

net and sign in with the same e-mail account/user name you used to sign up for Envato Hosted. Please be aware that this logon will not be changed even if you have changed your e-mail in your hosted account.

They should see the topic there with a hyperlink to manage the site and download the topic. What do I do if I log in to WordPress or set my password back? I don't have a subject! Can I download my design? Envato what is it?

Best 15+ eCommerce website templates: Last update for 2018

Joining an on-line shop to your website or building a new shop is a great way to boost your revenues and attract new clients. The addition of an on-line shop, or in other words, the addition of e-commerce capability is an affordably priced way to disseminate the word about your company on-line and reaching audiences beyond your normal whereabouts.

If it comes to setting up e-commerce sites, a great look, no matter what e-commerce platforms you use, is a must. Your product will be the focus of attention with a well-designed, fast reacting and eye-catching template that will help you boost your turnover. Be you a shopkeeper looking to build a new web shop, or a web pro who can help your customer set up their e-commerce system, working with a premium page template gives you a foot up.

If you are purchasing for an eCommerce website template, you should keep an eye on some important functions to ensure that you deliver the best possible user Experience for your website users. Some of these functions are: All of these functions are included in our eCommerce website template on Themeforest and Envato Elements.

Here is a look at some of our best-selling, most beloved page styles that are currently trendy: This article presents the best e-commerce website submissions. More than fifteen new page layouts that are perfect for e-commerce shops. You have the functionality you need to quickly create your own or your customer's shop with a great look and feel.

So you can begin with the presentation of your product and generate revenue on-line! Cosi is available on Envato Elements and has some very stylistic and diversified layout for WooCommerce enthusiasts. Constructed with a contemporary, open look in the back of your head, type and graphics are audacious and smooth. Below is a sample of one of his minimalist fashions; take a look at his technical demonstration and our Organic Store demonstration to see how much is on sale!

Get your inner tipster with outlaw; self-proclaimed, classy WooCommerce themed. The Outlaw comes with Visual Composer, Advanced Premium Product Filter and Revolution Premium Slider. Thanks to its many different features, it offers you a lot of powerful features, and you can set up the demos (complete with beards) with just one click. iOne is a huge topic given its minimalist character!

Postage is a fast-reacting Magento template with 18 different homepage designs, one of which is a full width one. Additional functions includes limitless colour choices, Google font integrations, limitless head type, multiple pages with different products, user-defined style pads, and over 300 customisation possibilities in the administration area. Simply by importing example postage information, you can get your shop up and run as quickly as possible.

Journaling is an OpenCart template with more than 2000 customizable features that give you full shop management power. It is a multi-purpose template that can be adapted to both basic and advanced stores. Journaling contains multi-level menu items that enable advanced navigational features with limitless subcategories, fast response designs, full-screen wallpapers that can be enhanced with slide shows, the option to customize your own products, and the use of default segments such as featured, specials, and best sellers.

The template also contains infinite colour choices, the ability to change all your already available skin and even your own, and much more. This is a top-of-the-line Magento themed game with an extended administration engine that lets you customise almost any part of your shop. It' s highly customisable, simple to use and fully reactive.

This is a business solution for every kind of business and optimised for SM. Endtimo offers limitless colour themes, limitless fonts choices, beautiful pictures of products and galeries, multi-level menu, customisable raster view for different products catagories, close-up zooming to single pictures of products and much more. The Warehouse is a neat and reactive Prestashop topic that leverages the benefits of many progressive cartridges and enhancements such as roller-over pictures, clear carts, slide controls and more.

Warehouse is built on the Bootstrap framework, which means your business looks good no matter what devices your people use. Additional functions includes a topic generator that gives you extended style controls for your shop, the option to display single pages without reloading the page, automatic searching, a blogs engine, count down engines, tags and more.

The Ella is a nice storeify template with big posters that can present your most beloved items to draw the immediate interest of your customers. Included with Ella is a dedicated categorization engine for viewing all categorizations, filtering capabilities, Google font integrations, limitless colour and styling choices, user-defined hyperlinks and symbols for online communities, the option to view pay per order option, multiple variants, and Google Rich Snippets assistance.

Youstore is a fast-reacting, retina-capable storeify template with 12 different designs, three different types of products pages, eight different list pages, seven different headers and six possible bottom line designs. The trendy template designs offer many customisation options and distinctive combination designs, making it a good option for those who want their shop to differentiate itself from the game.

Functions included a newsletters popup screen, limitless colour choices, Instagram widget, products tags, timed down timer engine, breathtaking coverage effect for pictures, products ratings, a wish list for all clients, a customized blogs, contacts, over and 404 pages. The fastest is a new Magento page template that was made in 2016 to not only look good, but also look quick to download.

There are 10 unique demonstration sites and a number of layout templates for categories and products. Additional functions available range from limitless colours and typefaces, a web page for your portfolios, online shareware, an attractive look, customizable grid, a vertically mega-menu, a pricing filtering and much more. The Fastor is a state-of-the-art, high-performance OpenCart template with many different possibilities.

Contained moduls and demonstration contents allow you to build your shop with a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's easy to use. The Fastor is based on the Bootstrap frame and ensures a fast and reactive interface across all units. Noteworthy functions further enhance the feature set includes an enhanced preferences window that lets you modify the style of each of your shop's moduls, several colour themes, limitless fonts, 67 ready-made skin styles, customized effects for hovering, automatic updates pricing on your products pages, clutch zooming on your products and more.

The Market is a fast-reacting multi-purpose Magento topic that is fully adaptable and appropriate for any business. This template can be integrated into various Magento enhancements such as SM Camera Slider, Vertical Mega Menu, SM Tab Listing, SM Categories and others. The Market features eight different home page layout choices, different colour and fonts choices, four headers, breathtaking slide shows and fast view of your creations, rich snippet assistance, customisable custom block statics and a high-performance query field that allows your clients to quickly find your creations by directly typing in the creator's name, specification, pricing and SKU.

Designs encompass different styles: create, uniquely, flat, physical styling, neat, elegant, minimalistic, minimalistic, simple, classic, simple, generic, ordinary, contemporary, luxurious, prominent, eye-catching, contemporary and classic, making them appropriate for any alcove or kind of e-commerce website. Each template in this package has an appealing look, beautiful images, enhanced customisation capabilities, customisation capabilities and more.

The Intenso is a very adaptable, reactive Magento topic built on the Foundation Framework. The Intenso has high-performance, sophisticated customisation capabilities that set it apart from the game. Styling choices encompass limitless colour and type styles, ready-to-use symbol scripts and off-canvas phone menu choices that can be folded in and out on smaller monitors.

Additional functions are Google Rich Snippets, full-page zooming, galleries, and pinch-to-zoom gesture to magnify pictures to full width. It is a contemporary, neat and pro style prinestashop template with an appealing look that focuses on touch-based equipment with enhanced slider and slide shows. The eCommerce topic is fully customisable and the custom themes available encompass limitless headers and footers, several colour themes, breathtaking pallax sectioning, fonts symbols, flyout button and Google fonts integration.

The Luxury is an elegantly designed yet easy to use Magento template with your own blogs, portfolios, store locators and other useful sites. This template is fast reacting and optimised for portable use. Others includes a number of headline choices, a page of day-to-day offers, pre-reports, banner ads, field stories, regulators, and colour charts. Featuring a wide range of functions, OpenCart offers OpenCart's unique functionality that can be customized to suit any recess.

Come with 28 user-defined themes for different niche markets, and include FontAwesome symbols, limitless colour themes, enhanced administrator themes, various brand names, selectable filters, Super Daily Dates Per expansion, appealing slider controls, and much more. As you build an e-commerce website, it is important to adhere to best practice to make sure your e-shop becomes a success.

Regardless of how easy your business is or how clear your copy is, there will always be customers' queries. Be sure to take notice of these issues and post them on a page or section in your shop and then insert them into your primary menu.

Latest research has shown that a large proportion of on-line buyers are looking for a section of the available for purchase items. When you can integrate automatic completion proposals into your query toolbar, as in the case of Warehouse, or give them the possibility to look not only by categories, but also by SKU, name, specification or market value, even better.

Pictures are a big part of eCommerce. Ensure that your template is able to show large pictures of products, show your products gallery and give them the opportunity to enlarge or show your products in a 360-degree perspective, as in the Ultimo, Intenso or Fastor eCommerce website template. The pictures of your products are only part of a larger jigsaw game.

Ensure that each item is backed by a call to actions that clearly indicates what the next step is for the consumer to take. It' s in people' s natures to see what others say about a good before we make a purchase for it. Surely you can place them deeper on your products pages to create enough room for a descriptive text and your call to trade.

With a well selected e-commerce topic from one of our best-selling e-commerce drafts and the above mentioned hints in your hands, your shop is sure to get off to a good start. Your e-commerce needs a good reason to do so.

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