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The Envato Market Wordpress

Well today is a good day because now we have an official WordPress plugin called WP Envato Market that automates the update process. To update WordPress themes automatically with Envato Market Plugin Upgrading your WordPress topics and plug-ins is just as important as upgrading your WordPress kernel install. When you use a free design or plug-in via WordPress.org, you are probably already acquainted with automatic desktop upgrades. Usually when you see a hint in your administrator bar that you have an upgrade, you can go to dashboard > Upgrades and all you need to do is acknowledge the upgrade on a WordPress.

org topic or plug-in or on your WordPress kernel install.

The Envato Market plug-in lets you update all the high-quality topics and plug-ins you bought from Themeforest and Codecanyon just as easily. Learn how to download the free Envato Market plug-in, and how to set it up and run it in this tutorial. It is important to remember that before you start, you must use an administrative user on your WordPress page to deploy the plug-in and activate automatic update.

Keep in mind - the Envato Market plug-in only provides automatic updating for Themeforest WordPress themes and Codecanyon WordPress plug-ins (it doesn't contain updating hints for topics you bought or don't know from other marketplaces). Getting started is downloading the Envato Market plug-in. It is available on Envato (and via Github) and totally free.

The only thing you need to do is click on the icon below to go to the Envato Market Plug-in page and click on the Start Downloads icon. Thereby the zipped files with the included plug-in will be downloaded. Since you have the plug-in, login to your WordPress install to which you want to automatically update.

In order to reinstall the plug-in, go to Plugins > Plug New and click the Upload plug-in icon at the top of the page. The next thing to look for is the envato market. Zip files you download from Github. Click the Activate Plug-in Prompt to activate the plug-in, and then click the Activate Plug-in Now icon.

Well, now that the plug-in is up and running, you should see a new Envato Market entry in your WordPress Dashboard. Next, synchronize the Envato Market plug-in with your Envato affiliate to get full control over all your Envato store buying and article up-dates. Click the Envato Market shortcut in your dashboard to start.

First of all, you have to build an Envato APII Token. Click on the hyperlink to add a private password (marked above in red). When you are already signed in to your Envato affiliate you will be directed to the above page (otherwise you will be asked to sign in before being directed to this page).

Here you can see what the Envato Market plug-in requests to be accessed from your Envato accounts (Envato websites, the possibility to upload your articles, a shopping cart and the review of your purchases). Continue by naming your touchken, selecting the checkbox you saw and agreeing to the conditions, and then clicking the gray icon to generate your touchken.

As soon as your Tokens are generated, you will see a successful screens. Duplicate your Tokens ID (this is very important as Envato does not keep a copy of the Tokens for you), make sure you have duplicated it and click on the blank icon you received. Go back to your WordPress install and insert your Envato APIIoken, then click Saving.

It is possible that you will see the above message when you type your password for the first time. When your Tokens are stored and verified, your page will be updated to show your Envato Market Hosting Page with additional tab pages for your articles. Added tabbed pages show all your design and plug-in purchase, as well as their release numbers and shortcuts to topic and authors pages.

As a freelance web designer or designer who buys topics for customers, you can use the Envato Market plug-in to keep your customers' pages up to date. Do not allow your customers to gain full control over all their shopping, use the section entitled Individual Item Token instead.

First, you need to download and use the Envato Market plug-in on your customer's website and then you need to build a custom private key by click on the creation button. Do a copy of your own Tokens, just like you would if you created your own. The next step is to find the article ID for your customer's design and/or plugins.

In order to find the ID, just go to the article page Themeforest or Codecanyon and copy the numeric ID at the end of the url. Browse back to the Envato Market page within your customer's website instead of inserting your own custom key into the available hot box, click the Add item icon.

A pop-up window opens in which you can type in your Envato token and the article ID. As soon as you have saved the article, you can redo the operation to complete all your other shopping for that particular customer. The WordPress install that you have been working on will now display only the elements (and associated updates) that you have added.

If you are not a developer, consider this plug-in if you have made many Envato buys over the years and only want to see an update for the articles you are currently using. With Envato Market plug-in already in place and synchronized with your email address, you have all your shopping and product upgrades at your fingertips. Just click the Envato Market plug-in and you're ready to go.

You will see an orange hint as shown in the illustration above when an upgrade is available for an article you bought. Also, if a themes or plug-in fix is available, you can also see it on the WordPress Core update page by selecting the fix icon in your administrator nav bar or by selecting Dashboard > Upgrades.

You can edit your updated article as normal from here by choosing and upgrading your article. Please note: You cannot upgrade any plug-ins packaged with a design that uses the Envato Market plug-in. Only plug-ins for which you have acquired an own custom licence can be updated. Developers who bundle plug-ins with a design should make plug-in upgrades available within the design or specify upgrade information in their design documents.

In order to upgrade your Envato Market plug-in article, click the Upgrade Available button in the note to begin the upgrade process. When your article displays the Updating... news for more than a few moments, please reload the page and try again. Once the upgrade is finished, you will see a short glowing indication that your article has been upgraded!

Once available, you can see them directly in your Dashboard (much more comfortable than download them yourself when you receive e-mail notifications from Envato). The installation of a new design or plug-in is also simpler if you use the Envato Market plug-in. If you make a new buy, you will see it in your Envato Market page (under "Topics" or "Plugins").

Click the clear Installation icon to start installing your new design or plug-in (you don't need to unzip the file). The next step is to preview (if it's a theme) or just enable it to start with your website design (note: if you're modifying the topic on your latest web site, we strongly suggest that you preview first and use this tutorial to securely modify your WordPress design).

I hope this manual could help you make upgrading your Themeforest and Codecanyon Element update much simpler. Feel free to post a review if you have a question about the Envato Market plug-in or any other tip you can contribute to our guidelines.

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