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New freebies are always available for you to enjoy on the Envato market. For details on installing and setting up the new plugin, please read our brand new Envato Market Auto-Updates guide. The Envato can be described as the best known marketplace for high-quality WordPress topics.

Envato continues to use WordPress themes as complete website solutions - WordPress Tavern

Envato released statistics this weekend on how WordPress vendors are behaving in their economies. Topic writers account for the majority of WordPress-based revenue in the plaza and still predominate revenue. Influenced by his interactions with the WordPress industry at Pressnomics, Ben Chan, Envato's Director of Growth and Revenue, writes an inside letter about the WordPress sector of the Envato market.

This article shows why thematic writers are still selling their works on Themeforest, despite the bad image of the market place among WordPress advisors. WordPress topics are fiercely contested, but even moderate topics can make a big difference. Envato's high level of visitor numbers practically ensures revenue for new topic writers.

Han covered median earnings figures for a particular topic during a particular month: 50 percent of all WordPress themes on ThemeForest have earned at least $1,000 in a given calendar year. 25 percent of all WordPress themes on ThemeForest have earned at least $2,500 in a given calendar year. 15 percent of WordPress topics have earned at least $5,000 in a given monthly period.

Topic writers who make their product fast and WooCommerce and WPML compliant typically have much higher revenues, suggesting that humans create WordPress pages that are optimised for travel and trade. The Envato platform continues to be the dominating market place for WordPress topics, although product safety issues are on the rise.

In September last year, more than 1,000 Envato flagship launched were affected by the Slider Revolution flaw. That particular devastation was fuelled by topic writers who were slow on their product patches, as well as Envato's bad standard that continues to allow writers to package plug-ins with topics. Envato's request to the subject area writers to follow best practice in the sector by clearly distinguishing their subject and plug-in product lines would not have meant publishing a listing of more than 1,000 topics that could be affected by a weakness that has been active since its release.

Obviously, the information presented in Chan's inside letter was developed to persuade more writers to resell Themeforest. Some of the thematic sample projects he presents are full of features that are contained in plug-ins, e.g. automotives listing, filtering inventories, user-defined category and taxonomy, etc. There is no clear difference between the different versions of a plug-in and the actual one.

In addition, many of these best-selling themes provide companion plug-ins that are only compliant with that particular topic, a desperate mysopic engineering practices that is rife among Themeforest offerings and that involves the user in this theme/plugin pack. Even more intriguing would be the statistics on WordPress thematic product that do not contain plug-ins.

What are the good things about those that are purely topics with a clear distinction from the plug-ins they work with? What are the statistics for topics that ensure smooth transferability of information for you? Writers of Envato themes earn large amounts of money by marketing themes packed as end-to-end business packages, because that's exactly what the consumer expects - the larger the bundle, the more attractive the upside.

It can lead to serious issues with transferability for clients around the world and will remain a constant cause of disappointment for advisors recruited to provide assistance for poorly constructed Envato software packages. As Justin Tadlock uncovered in his experimentation entitled Topic Forests, the loosely defined standard themes of the market place allow writers of themed content to grow by offering complete website solution.

Envato is continuing to collect money from product that undermines best practice to help secure users: One of ThemeForest's activities is the sale of WordPress themes. At best, it'?s a sneaky way to advertise everything else, and in the worse case scenario fake advertisements. When you want a "website solution" or whatever you call it, you are dealing on the fake market place.

Make your own website and resell these WordPress apps. Changing the marketplace's standard and encouraging writers to produce themes that respected WordPress's plug-in system would certainly lead to a lost revenue. At present, Envato has little motivation to move in this direction. However, it has no plans to do so.

While the WordPress fellowship is continuing to put Envato under increasing pressures to bind content and plug-in writers to higher standard solutions that would better guarantee the safety and efficiency of user Web sites, Envato is unlikely to impose more stringent requirements in the near future. In addition, the firm presents its top selling titles as an appeal to new writers to launch their work.

The amendment of the thematic norms for goods would necessitate a reorganisation of practically all of the best-selling goods. Envato will push ahead with its standardization until either the market or the communities compel the business to make changes.

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