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Environment Market Extras - Envato This is our set of enhancements, applications, and utilities created by our fellowship for our fellowship using the Envato Market API. Our fellowship is a set of applications, enhancements, and utilities that we have created using the Envato Market API. Your fellowship will be able to use the Envato Market API to create your own custom applications. The Envato Market Application Programming Interface (API) lets you create all kinds of applications and utilities, including web browsers, WordPress plug-ins, web-based applications, website widgets, applications for your iPhone or iPod touch, and more. 3rd Vendor Developer:

Welcome to the contributions of our members and the wider communities that provide apps that work with Envato Market. It is your responsibility to make up your own mind about these apps and their creators; we cannot guarantee or support these apps and accept no responsibility for these apps.

The Envato Markets and Intellectual Property - Envato Markets Help Center

The following articles provide a set of tools to help you better understanding IP. Though we are not an IP policy, we still treat the IP of others with due regard and trust that you will do the same. The purpose of this articles is to help you to protect the copyrights and IPs of others, as you probably want to have the same level of protection for your articles!

IP is a complicated area of legal practice and includes a whole host of things such as copyrights, trade marks, designs, patent, design as well as morality including! Many misunderstandings exist in the use of works copyrighted by IPR. Being an Envato Marketing writer, copyrights and brands are probably your most important areas of IP.

In order to get a sense of what copyrights are and how copyrights can be violated, read our copyrights articles here. When you are not sure about brands and logotypes, please read the Brands section here. We have also written a special essay about which asset you can use in your item here, which deals with licensing item for your item, as well as some of our own commits and open sources.

In addition to these ressources there is also a special feature about the use of actual product and brands in your articles that discusses the general approaches and exemptions in the Envato market. Concerning the subject, but not directly related to intelectual ownership, is our Envato Originalty Sill. Everything else is synonymous, because your articles must be inventive and imaginative enough to get past our testers and onto the Envato market.

Should you have any further queries, please visit the resource links in this section and if that doesn't help, open a Help Pass and we'll be happy to help. IP protection policies - essentially the IP policies we adhere to in our Envato business. Urheber 101 - an introductory guide to the copyrights industry.

Asset Usage - an explanation as to the type of asset you can use in your article preview and download. AudioJungle items- what if your piece of art simulates the stile of another work or performer? Do I need a model or property release? Marks 101 - an outline of marks and how a mark can be infringed. Trade marks 101 - an outline of marks and how a mark can be infringe.

Brand Use and Royalty Free Software - if you can and may use genuine and other people's brands in your work. Copyrights, Articles and Trademark Flowschart - a graphical instantaneous view of the IP problems you need to consider in a flow chart. You are not permitted to enter an element that has been de-compiled or otherwise re-constructed from another work (even if it is your own work).

State-owned or municipally owned: You may not enter any object that uses any state or municipally -owned or military-owned object in whole or in part. No work may be submitted that contains a replica of an emblem, official emblem, or badge of war. Can I use what type of asset in my objects?

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