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How important is the minimum quality of hard committee? Envato's meaning? Writer: a member who offers articles for sale on the Envato market. Buy: involves downloading an item that is made available free of charge on the Envato market or that is purchased for you by another member.

What do you call Envato in Chinese?

History has it that Coke's brand-name department tried to locate the limousine's name by using simplified Chinese-character names that resembled the sound of the Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, they have neglected to verify the meaning of the individual players before the introduction because they work from a place of inactivity. Meaning? The thing is, the bad translations weren't really done by Coke's own marketers.

In 1927 Coca-Cola reached the East Coast, a year before the firm had officially named itself and trademarked in China. By the time the franchise became popular, shop owners promoting their inventory were compelled to make spontaneous translation by translating the English script on posters in the shop into Mandarin, one of which was more memorable: "Bite the Wax Tadpole".

About mid-2015, Envato Tuts+ Monica Zagrobelna released 10 Drawing Myths that Block Your Progress, which were converted into Mandarin as part of our work. Simplified translations into Mandarin became virtual and quickly became the most favorite Envato Tuts+ mail of the year, with over 31,000 stocks on Facebook alone.

Using this static, which makes small Pirouetten on the tippy-top of our users graphics, we have recognized that it makes good sense more special contents for a Chines public to do. So, how exactly do you take an old name like Envato and convert it into Chineses? The purpose of translating is to preserve meaning.

When translating, we do not care whether the translating name is the same as the source name. It is better for placenames that have easily translatable meaning, such as "The Great White House". In order to convert "White House" into Mandarin, we take the Mandarin for " whites " and the Mandarin for "palace" (because "house" doesn't really do the place justice, does it?), and we get ??.

Doesn't ring like the words "white house" when reading out, but the meaning is there. So in other words, we try to find signs in China that resonate similarly to the initial name. Washington, for example, translated into Mandarin as www.ch, pronounced Huá schèng dil. Well, the character itself doesn't mean anything, it's just mutilated.

Together they make them look like Washington. Large localised corporate names have a meaning that indicates what the enterprise is actually doing, while at the same time using signs that seem a little bit like the initial name. Furthermore, an optimal localisation of the China trademark must take place: Words are more than just meaning and tone in any given world.

We knew, as a non-Chinese business, that we would need a lot of input from our China audiences to search the meaning levels in each one. Each new suggestion took the greatest possible amount of input from different interpretation and gave an insight into how each of the characters was received by our audiences.

In Beijing, we conducted on-site polls and received on-line feedbacks from Envato customers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. First round of the brainstorm was a pin and piece of papers meeting that resulted in over 50 possible translations, most of which were immediately removed by a horrible face during the polls. So we reduced it to two choices and asked again: ?: ??? (( not really meaning, but this characteristic is used in the term "Internet" (???), so it is used both for its diction and for its technical taste.

That means

In Beijing, we talked to interpreters and language specialists and looked more deeply at Envato's keywords. A lot of technology businesses use the term "cloud" to refer to "data in the cloud", so there is a very remote reference to technology here. It is also the first figure in the term ??, meaning "cloud collection" - it means "convergence" or "converging".

In view of this, ? + ? Together, these two personalities can mean "agence of talents". Today, the term indicates economic wealth. There was a very good feedback on the first two character ??, but the last two, ??, were a bit controversial. Envato's civilization is anything but distant, so we wanted to see if we could achieve something better.

Envato Kin Hang, who, like many of our survey participants, has spent an unbelievable amount of thought and effort to overcome this challenging task, came the last part of the game. Kin's proposal, www. kin's.com, retains our "skill cloud" character from the last round, but substitutes "??" for www. kin's.com, which means "platform" - a little more advanced and technical, a little more accessible and a little bit resembling the initial name.

It' not a perfectly transliterated one for Envato, but it's within call. Are you interested in further information about translations? Take a look at the Tuts+ project. The original publication of this paper was Inside Envato.

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