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Find out who you know at Envato, use your professional network and get hired. Working at Envato In 2006 I founded Envato (together with two other co-founders). Most Envato employees are not in the offices on a particular date. We have a worldwide network of intelligent, talented, friendly and versatile individuals with whom you can collaborate throughout the world. Of course I work here because I founded the firm, so my mind is a little prejudiced!

However, overall, when I look at all the employee interviews we do on CultureAmp and Great Place to Work, it is amazingly positively with the agility, especially as an important differentiator why individuals enjoy working here.

Reviews Envato

Envato's best part is the way we work. Generally, they are some of the most intelligent, gifted and interesting there are. Elevato has a remarkable poisonous workspace. For the most part, I was expelled by a certain executive who was targeting me through mobbing, gas lighting and other types of tampering.

Talking to Human Resources - all my Envato career - she didn't seem to believe me and said there was... nothing I could do about it. All I was said was that it was up to her supervisor to do what he thought was appropriate...and her supervisor did nothing.

In the meantime, the female executive is still working where her behaviour goes on. What's that reasonable, Envato? It tells them that they "are not allowed" to ask about managerial choices, and all the points they say about their "clique-y" in other review are correct. Envato's'benefits' are so overvalued and in some cases imprecise that they can be claimed by them.

Envato, for example, offers the possibility to carry out assignments - to work in other crews for some while. And I was said that there would be no room for improvement in my part. Envato's approach to variety is... mysterious. At Envato, there are many individuals who truly believe in variety in the work place - and many who do not.

At Envato there are those who persist that sexualism or discriminatory practices - both as a concept in general and at Envato in particular - are somehow "not real". The Envato seems to be hiding behind pseudo-excitement and announcement - permanent ceremonial landmark celebrations, exaggerated boast of their Code Like a Girl relationship, new products with unthinking follow-through, unthinking repetition of value, new art work at headquarters.

It is a place where short-term selling gains over any genuine business plan. Envato just felt like it had dropped its spirit. Quit rewriting your beliefs and actually think about hearing and knowing more about why human beings are in frustration. Envato is proud of the fact that "insert value here" does not put things in order.

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