Envato Melbourne Office

Melbourne Envato Office

Melbourne Envato team moves in July. It is now preparing to open its first global office in San Francisco. Mr. Envato is looking for another talented SEM specialist to join the marketing team in our Melbourne office. The Envato network is a network of locations used by millions of people for their creative projects.

At Envatos Melbourne headquarters in Melbourne

Envato, the imaginative eco-system, has recently relocated to a new office in Melbourne, which has been created by Buro. In the new room, there are open workplaces, grey areas and communal areas for the company's more than 100 staff working from the company's home town. Explained Envato: It is our new Envato head office in Melbourne, Australia.

Located in the Melbourne CBD, King St., where you'll find a strange mixture of large company premises, exquisite Jap fine dining and *almost* men's club! This three-storey house was used as a college before we relocated. Further back, the structure was a deposit for Ferguson's Winery.

On the top level, our Envato Marketplaces and Microlancer Team are enchanting. Here there are high arched roofs with peppery fanlights throughout, fancy stonework and nice brass tubes that ring like boiling streams on a wet morning. For us it was important that we made the construction our own home.

Just with a letter - make the place great - we distributed these nice graphical items all over the place. Since our office used to be a college, we got two auditorium-like rooms. The lounge, which contains a billiard desk, a pianos and a room penetration desk, opens onto our outdoor patio.

In the new office there are large "pods" made of coils of nice wood joists, which act as informational gathering points and rest zones for working on laptops.

Envato Melbourne start-up has achieved an important landmark

The start-up of the Envato e-commerce site has reached an important milestone: Since the introduction of the Envato e-commerce site in 2006, Envato customers have now generated over $400 million in revenue. Avada, the best-selling WordPress topic of all times, introduced to the market in 2012, is being marketed by Envato and currently has revenues in excess of $10 million.

"Just a year ago we had 30 salespeople who earned over a million, and we've already duplicated that," Chan says to StartupSmart. Since its inception, Envato has grown from starch to starch and intends to pursue this with a number of current joint promotional activities. "We' ve devised many different types of merchandising strategy, for example we now offer our website to pay for the use of our own credentials, not just PayPal," Chan says.

Han says Envato was globally created and never wanted to focus on the home markets as it has clients and salespeople in over 150 different nations. The Envato staff also have the ability to work from anywhere in the globe, whether in their bedrooms, office or Alaska. "We have a work organisation that is adaptable and that really boosts our production and creativity," says Chan.

"We have a board to which the vast majority of our writers contributes and gives feedback," says Chan. The Envato also has a section where writers can post items that do not match any of the latest categories in the Envato list. Chen thinks that the best thing new start-ups can do is to uncover the needs of your customers.

"Find out what clients want and repeat it quickly, it's not missile science," he says.

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