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Mkpl Envato Paypal

paidpal* LU - page 2 It' s just an information mail to maybe help clarify some of the costs that others have gotten - this is just the addressing of small fees - if you have a large fee over $1.00 from a offshore firm, then it can be cheating. I' often get things like ISA FEE GB on my bill for every map I use if I bought something abroad or have a montly subscriptions for offshore businesses.

Usually this is a FEE FOR TRANSFER for an overseas transfer that your credit cardholder charges. The Pocketsmith (this is a great, great website atw - I strongly suggest it) - they are located in New Zealand, so I get a fee of $0.50 on my $9.99 per month sign-up - again something your credit cards publisher charges for doing business internationally.

Payed downloads per from helpdata

The Paid Downloads Program is a plug-in that lets you distribute all your online downloads. Once PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers and Authorize have been used, the plug-in supplies the products (temporarily encoded Downloadlink ) to the customers directly. Simply load up your file and add shortcuts like [paiddownloads id="XXX"] to your postings or pages. Use this plug-in to resell your favorite songs, videos, books, programs, and any file.

Multi gateway payments: Receive PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize via PayPal. Short-code controlled: Add short codes like [paiddownloads id="XXX"]. Intermittent Downloads Links: The plug-in will generate an encoded hyperlink that is available for a restricted period of use. Support for X-Sendfile: Get large size downloads from X-Sendfile modes if the mod_xsendfile modul is on your servers. Simple to install: Just plug in and enable the plug-in like all other plug-ins.

Translate ready: The plug-in can be compiled into any desired languages. WorldPress Best Practices: no warnings from WP_DEBUG or WP Check. Best way to get an understanding of Paid Downloads Per is to see a sample or click on "Live Preview". Upon successful completion of payments, the customer will receive a 2-day validation email with a 2-day validation date (the duration will be determined by the administrator).

Send the downloaded links to the email address of the PayPal, Payza/AlertPay or Skrill/Moneybookers users. Once the subscriber has payed with Authorize. Net, InterKassa 2. 0 or Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve, Liberty Reserve Reserve, Liberty Reserve Reserve, Liberty Reserve Reserve 0 0, Liberty Reserve Reserve, Liberty Reserve Reserve Liberty Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net Net during the e-mail entering during the checkout procedure. As with all other plug-ins, please be sure to properly installation and activation of the plug-in. After activation, a new " Payed Downloads " option is created in the administration area in the upper right area.

Please click on the menue on the right "Paid Services >>> Settings" and make the necessary adjustments. Adjust your default gateway parameter, email addresses for notification, email template for successful and unsuccessful transactions, life of your downloaded links, etc. Select the "Paid For >>> Files" option on the top right and select the file you want to resell.

You can also specify the pricing of your data, see all your payments, create and display your own link list. It is also possible to FTP large size data via an FTP link (upload to the /wp-content/uploads/paid-downloads/files/ folder) and associate them in this section. As soon as the filename has been submitted, look at the "Short Code" section. It is a small piece of text that you can add to your postings or pages.

That'?s the speed dial: It is also possible to add to this shortcut by specifying the return_url to it. If, for example, you want to divert your customer to the page "http://www.website.com/thank-you. html" after successful completion of your transaction, simply enter the following number: "html": Navigate to any post/page editing page and add a shortcut.

It will be substituted by the " Buy Now " icon (or by a downloading hyperlink if the cost is 0.00). Have fun using the plug-in. In case you have trouble using the plug-in, please get in touch with me and I will help you.

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