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The Envato Network

Get the free Envato Network vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. Locate freelance Envato specialists for hire and outsource your project. I am currently a design course instructor for Envato Network TutsPlus. Currently, all envato network locations are excluded from access.

Michel network toolkit

The Network Toolkit makes it simple to create contiguous point motion graphics. Customize the positions of up to 10 3-D Zero object, select the desired links in the comp and use the user-defined controls to move. If you need more controls, just append additional rows. Set of 3 line segments with all possible links between the 10 Null object.

Sets the spacing of the line to the points. Additional and hand leads with adjustable starting and end positions for even more controll. Curve the line in 3 different style. Inverse motion and bending directions for each line.

downloading vendor and logotype images

Envato is involved in construction projects and provides creative solutions for a wide range of industries, from open markets to joint venture training. Envato has created the Envato Network Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) trademark vektor design for you to print and view. This means that the currently selected state of the logotype is currently being used.

Envato Edge network provider migration without downtime

Envato, a CDN vendor, is migrating its network vendors to standardize its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions on a single vendor. Combining an automatic test-based process for making changes to the underlying infrastructures with ongoing regression tracking and reporting, they were able to take the step without uptime.

Envato offers its customers a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. As other CDN vendors, they also have a network of edge server. A network of edges is used to provide user experience from a place nearer to them in geographical terms. An edge server is a set of proxies that provide contents after they have been retrieved from the source server on which the contents are actually hosted.

The majority of CDs Ns, among them providers such as Envato, have integrated safeguards in the Edge network to protect against DoS and other threats. Envato's network server edges carry out WAF and WAF operations and scrubbing. In this way it is ensured that safety problems are mitigated on the fringes and not on the original infrastructures. Isolating the source from the confrontation with such aggression.

Answering possible assaults is to stop such queries, decelerate them or force humans to intervene like a capturecha to get through. Using dedoScrubbing includes the recognition and reduction of possible dedoS-currents. By the way, global levels of threats to security (DDoS and WAF) have increased by 14% and 10% respectively in recent years, according to Akamai's latest State of the Internet Security Report (PDF).

Envato's existing system had both sets of machines in a chain of daisies where users first go through initial dot gain checks, then WAF before they reach the source. De-bugging, the introduction of new implementations, different levels of automatization and the failure to introduce a uniform alarm for both required the switch to a unique system in which both the WAF and the WDoScrubber could work.

Between the two schemes, there were discrepancies in the requirement identifiers created and in the way they were informed of possible safety problems. Because of the difference in the services provided, only part of the system could be automated. Our team's policy was to create a test-suite, make changes to a restricted number of test supported concurrent end user, and then perform a full deployment after resolving problems that had occurred during the part deployments.

It was the concept of a test suites to avoid regression in the working infrastructures, just like with applications codes. RSpec, an already Rubin-based operating system for Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), was already in use in Envato's own team. Internal tools for transformation of inter-vendor API replies facilitated migrating from one vendor to another.

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