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Envato Market Help Center - New password not acceptable Password-protection is critical to ensuring that your bank accounts are protected from unauthorized access and intrusion. In order to keep your password protected, Envato Market does not accept certain password types. Your password will be judged on its power and eligibility for bank statement protection, and if your password does not meet the requirements for verification, it will not be valid.

If you are asked to set a strong password, a password will not be acceptable for general reasons: This is a faint mix or variant of popular words in a vocabulary list or shared password (e.g. abc123, p@ssw0rd, password123). This is a variant of an Envato appointment, your user name or your bank information (e.g. themeforest123). Password was registered in case of a violation outside Envato.

That means that your password was found in a public knowinglist of violated password. As soon as a password has been violated, it is no longer safe and should no longer be used, as it is more likely to be used to take over users' account during an attack. Records known password exposure to violation The "haveibeenpwned" records known password exposure.

We may use this site, without disclosing a password, to verify whether a password has been violated and to ask you to select another password. Well, you can see for yourself here. Remember that we will never give your password to any third parties. We can securely verify your password by hatching your password and then send only a small fraction of the hatch to the services "haveibeenpwned", which then return a listing of possible match.

1Password or Lastpass can help you create and save a secure password for every user you use. We recommend you for maximal bank guarantee: Do you have a password that is complicated and consists of upper case characters, lower case characters and numbers (you can use a password builder if you want)? Do you have a one-of-a-kind password for your Envato email address?

Changing your password on a regular basis.

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