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If you use Buy Now, you will be redirected to a payment method provider. Which payment methods do you use? - Envato Help Center Archive

You can pay with PayPal or payoneer. To choose a payment option for items: Choose your withdrawal option from the drop-down list or visit: https://elements-contributors.envato.com/account/payout-method. Choose whether you want to continue with PayPal or your own payment. To use PayPal, type in your PayPal e-mail address and click Confirm withdrawal option. Configure a payment option with a Payoneer for your payment by choosing Configure payment option with a payment provider.

Please note: It may take up to 3 working day for your payment confirmation. Is it possible to make my withdrawal target my bankaccount?

Update your payment methods for your subscriptions - Envato Elements Help Center

Learn how to upgrade your payment methods for subscriptions. Which payment methods can I upgrade? What can I do to upgrade my payment methods? Where can I change the information? Which payment methods can I upgrade? Currently we are accepting Visa, Mastercard and PayPal for subscriptions. For more information on payment methods please visit our Help Centre.

There are several ways to modify your payment method: What can I do to upgrade my payment methods? To upgrade your current payment plan and have an existing plan, please proceed as follows. Please go to the page "My subscription". Please click on 'Update payment details'. Fill in your new payment information and finish the transaction.

At the end of your existing payment history, your new payment option will be charged. Should you have problems upgrading your payment methods, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our successful customers support group. Where can I change the information? Here you can only upgrade your payment option. Items such as your invoice information and fiscal information are collected by your Envato SSO.

Being part of your Envato Elements plan will give you automatic entry to our Envato eco-system. Envato Elements does not currently provide the functionality to keep your invoice and personally identifiable information up to date. If you wish to upgrade your invoice or your personally identifiable information, you must comply with the help provided in this help item.

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