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What payment method do I use? - Envato Market Help Center What payment type do I use? If you are the creator of Envato Marketing, you must find the most appropriate payment methods to earn your revenue. Authors can pay by Paypal, wire transfers or payoneers, which you can check on the payout page of your authorsashboard.

Below you will find the points you should review before choosing your payment option: Any payment methods and the supplier may, for regulatory and/or trade purposes, have limitations on the country to which they charge. It is a good idea before you sell your item to consider what payment options are available in your country.

Charges may be associated with the withdrawal accounts you have selected, please make sure you have reviewed all the information shown before you update your withdrawal accounts. As a result, none of the above 3 payment options are backed up and your revenue is blockaded. Notice that not ALL payment options are available in ALL areas and states.

You are responsible for choosing the right payment option to maintain your revenue. The Envato has no influence over these terms. After reading the above policies, you can pay using one of the following payment methods: How do I buy an article?

Payment methods acceptable - Envato Elements Help Center

Currently we are accepting Visa, Mastercard and PayPal for subscriptions. Sorry, we currently cannot process other payment options (e.g. American Express, Skrill, Envato Market credits & Earnings, invoices etc.). Even if we do not currently provide it, if you are interested in alternate payment options (e.g. bill payment) or group account, we would be happy to hearing from you!

What makes Envato Markets worth at least $20? - Envato Market Help Center

You can have Envato credited to your balance in $10 steps with a $20 min. and a $100 max. each. With PayPal, Skrill, Visa or Mastercard you can easily increase your balance. While some of the contents on the marketing site sell for only $1, we cannot grant loans below $20 as the current transactions charges for these are not sustained for the Envato marketing area.

Margins are for the amount of Envato loans you can put into your bankroll. PayPal or debit cards can be used to complete your order if you do not wish to increase your balance on your bankroll. PayPal and debit cards may cost up to $2 to buy, how do I buy an article?

What are the reasons for forfeiting Envato pre-paid credit?

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