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In September 2012 we have written the Photodune Review (see below), a few month after we signed up with this company. Unfortunately, Envato Market in November 2016 made an announcement that shook the stick photography world. However, they agreed to stop adopting pictures for Photodune and to make some important changes in the way they address floor pictures on their platforms.

Please click on the initial notification for more information. "Within the framework of our library-wide PhotoDune rating, we have reviewed your PhotoDune phototfolio. Unfortunately, our rehearsal resulted in a very high number of photographs that did not comply with our new librarian standard. Below are some general explanations why pictures did not comply with our guidelines:

Then in April 2017, our whole portfolios were removed: We' ve been working for Envato for over 5 years and then we were informed that our photographs did not comply with the new standard of the NL. It' s a pity that all the amount of our precious experience over the years in creating a floor imaging asset has just come off badly.

This involved many stick shooters with pictures larger than ours. There is too much inherent danger that someone will switch their minds in the near term and take out our whole portfolios again. We' ve recently been at PhotoDune and were amazed at how quickly this website is expanding. PhotoDune, as part of Envato Market, is a good resource for stick pictures and should be taken into account by all stick shooters and illustrations.

While not all kinds of stick pictures are sold here, you should be satisfied with the rewards this site has to provide. Straightforward FTP file transfer procedure, straightforward browsing and handling of your already approved floorpictures. To become PhotoDune Contributor, you must: go to the PhotoDune Contributor's page and sign up as a member; view the Autoring Tutorial (an outline of some important information about the uploading, copyrights, and selling); take the Author Quiz (to make sure you understand the Autoring Tutorial - it's very simple); after you pass it, you must first hand in your inventory for verification (not necessary if you want to resell to other Envato marketplaces).

This is a gezipped binder with 5 - 15 photos, which are an exact image of your photo album. Photos entered into your PhotoDune Portfolios are not necessarily offered for purchase on the PhotoDune website and do not need to be supported by approval for use. As soon as your tip is finished, submission your dossier, and as soon as you are approved, you can begin to upload more of your work.

Your pictures may take up to a full weeks to review. A great website with many functions, and most importantly, with great rewards for stickographers. Participants with graphics arts capabilities, 3-D rendered, website theming, video filmmaking or music-making will find their place for the sale of stick medias in other areas of Envato Market, such as ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, 3-D Ocean or ActiveDen.

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