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Miniature view for Golazo PowerPoint presentation. Top 10 PowerPoint Templates, April 2018 Hello and welcome to Envato's 10 Best PowerPoint Templates for 2018 Schedule. Mina is a clear, minimalistic pattern and comes with over 80 uniquely designed foil designs in full-HD resolution. It' perfectly suited for the presentation of designer portfolio and neat, professionally designed corporate presentation. Clear, minimalistic styling.

Over 80 individual foil designs. Great for designer portfolio and neat corporate presentation.

Universiverse is a conspicuous templating kit with deep motifs that catches the eyes. Delivered with over 100 one-of-a-kind film designs with adjustable form colours, dimensions and locations. Conspicuous patterns with obscure themes. Over 100 one-of-a-kind foil designs. The Vigil is a great package of presentations for any company. More than 500 editing font-symbols, automatic custom image-edit Drag & Drops, collaborative artwork, iPhone and iPad models, cards, and more make it a great choice for your next pro-class presentation.

iPhone and iPad models. Card presentations and more. This is an exhilarating new package of patterns with a contemporary and distinctive look. It is very visually appealing and puts pictures in the foreground of your presentations. Contemporary, distinctive styling. Inspired by magazine layout, this package will break the form of your PowerPoint presentations.

Creative Drop consists of uniquely designed layout with interleaved items such as photographs and captions. It' a great package of templates for graphics and photo collections. Break through the form of PowerPoint presentation. Unparalleled photo layout with photo overlays and title overlaps. Featuring gradient pastels, layout hiding items, and intelligent use of whitespace, Creativa is contemporary and reassuring.

There are computer, iPhone and Samsung models. There are also special layout like price diagrams. Imagine that this works well for a new, youth-oriented application to present. Modern and soothing. The Business Proposal Pitch is one of the most extensive PowerPoint business proposal tools available. Contains over 120 slides layout with template for almost everything.

There are graphics, charts, diagrams, charts, price lists, price lists, team pages, replicas of products and much more. It' s all you need to create a professional-looking display in the blink of an eye. Over 120 foil layout. All you need to quickly create a professionally designed present. With 104 one-of-a-kind slides, a broad selection of color-matching choices, and some stunning animation, Epic Presentation offers a complete set of tools to help you create your own custom slides.

Featuring several topic choices, such as a black box option, it offers template for everything from info graphics to calendar. With this package your presentations will be trendy. 104 one-of-a-kind foil designs. Models for everything from info graphics to calendar. The Triangulum is a fat collection of models whose designs revolve mainly around its own vaults.

There are large, eye-catching headlines, wildcards for graphs and information, and animation. Original printed in black that rotates around a triangle. With big headlines. Placeholder for graphs and information graphics. Exceptional animation. Simplicity is a complete kit of templates with a truly stunning look. Using a humble, reserved colour range, concentration on high-resolution pictures and clean layout, he manages to be attractive and extremely well-functioning.

We have 450 different foil patterns. There comes with layout for almost everything. There is also a range of minimalistic symbols. This package will make your presentations unbelievably fashionable and stylish. Extensive templateset with stunning designs. Concentrate on high-resolution pictures and clean layout. Includes 450 original film patterns.

Layout for almost everything. Gonna make for a contemporary, stylish display. This is our top 10 PowerPoint template for 2018. More PowerPoint artwork can be found on GraphicRiver. We' ve added a new VideoHive categorie for Premiere Pro template.

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