Envato Premium Account

Premium Envato Account

It seems that not everything is all right in Envato's world! Envato Studio Services Discounts - Envato hosted No matter what your creativity needs are, Envato Studio has over 3,000 selection of designing and developing tools provided by freelance professionals selected from around the world. The Envato Theme Package entitles you to a 10% rebate on every Envato Studio sale for month subscribers and 20% for year subscribers.

Clients who have bought a standalone bundle are also eligible for a 10% rebate on Studio Service. For your specific rebate codes, please refer to our dedicated customer service staff at: hostedsupport@envato.comor Review your welcome e-mail for more information!

Premium subscription to Droppy from Proxibolt

Premium subscriptions: Your droppy customers can get more out of your services with the premium subscription. You will be able to sign up for a premium subscription which will give you some more functions like bigger files up-loads, longer filing time, no advertising and the passwords only. It calculates each accounting lifecycle for the client (you can define your own pricing, accounting lifecycle, etc.) and verifies that the payment is successful.

Solved: Problem where premium pages were not downloaded to the phone. Mended: * Fixed: Added: You can now add a subscribed account from the Administration pane. Solved: Problem where it was not possible to download the premium plug-in in a different languages than English. Added: New wildcard {number} for e-mail subscriptions.

Solved: Problem where my upgrades were not available in the My upgrades section. Resolved: Problem where the My Account page was empty when the users state was " Validated ". Solved: Problem where the Paypal page did not display the correct Paypal page name. Mended: * Fixed: Operates with the latest release of Droppy. Solved: Problem that the favicon did not show.

Solved: Problem with plug-in did not update properly. Solved: Problem when canceling state. Solved: Problem where advertisement was still displayed (if it was turned off). Solved: Problem with the password activation option. Solved: Problem where money was not used on the cash register. Added: The My Account, Go Premium and Logout tab in the translator files.

Solved: Problem where wrong value of money was stored. Mended: * Fixed: A problem where the plug-in was not redirected to Paypal. Mended: * Fixed: A problem where the Clear Users pushbutton did not work.

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