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Terms of use of Envato Hosted - Envato hosted Hello and welcome to Envato hosted! We understand these words by Envato, we or we say Envato hosted Pty Ltd (ABN 55 613 138 417). Together with ourceptable Use Policy, these conditions regulate your use of Envato Hosted and constitute a legally-binding agreement between us. Sorry if you do not agree to these conditions, but you may not use Envato hosted.

To register with Envato hosted, you must first have an Envato account. In case you don't have an Envato account yet, you can register one here. Must be 16 years of age or older to visit Envato Hosted. By visiting Envato hosted, you are agreeing to comply with our policies or directions and you understand that these conditions are applicable to any use of the Envato sites, whether you are a registered user or not.

When you are under the Age of 18, you must, with their consent, use the bank accounts of a parental or guardian who is at least 18 years of age, and that person is solely liable for all your activity. Once you have decided to buy a WordPress topic packaged with install and host through ThemeForest ( "Hosted theme package"), continue reading because this section is for you.

Included in a Theme Package is: install and host your website; provide us with tech-sales support for the topic and host provided by us; have the right to have your website exported outside of Envato Hosted (and host it with another host provider) after your Envato hosted plan expires, but only if you have retained your Envato hosted plan for the Envato term in effect at the date of your acquisition (see this item for more information on the Envato Hosted plan, plus the latest version of the term).

Please note that we will provide you with the topic file on your Envato Market download page as soon as you reach the current time limit. Once you have decided to buy stand-alone Hosting, you will receive Envato Hosting and Website Maintenance provided by us for the life of your Envato Hostsubscription.

When you have an existent domainname, you can refer your website (as we host ) to thatdomainname. Unless you have an existent domainname for your website, you can buy a new domainname from Envato hosted. If you submit a registered application for a registered name on the Envato Hosting Site, you agree that we may provide that entity with your name, e-mail addresses and other information that may be of use to that entity for that purposes.

As soon as your domainname is registred, this information is public in the World Health Organization (WHOIS) data base and you do not have the possibility to hide your own personal information from a World Health Organization (WHOIS) dock. It is your responsibility to maintain youromainname. If you allow your domainname to run out or if the Registry terminates it for any reasons, your website may become unavailable to you.

For more information, please visit the Envato hosted Payments page. If, for any reason, we are unable to handle your request and you do not correct the non-payment within a time limit specified by us, we may terminate your site visit (as we host it). If you have been in arrears for more than 30 calendar nights, we may terminate your host and block your website (as we host it) forever.

In general, we do not provide refunds of subscriptions unless we have made changes to these conditions that significantly adversely effect you, or as requested by Australia Consumers Act or other applicable legislation. To apply for a reimbursement, you can make the application through your Envato Hosted Account.

Generally, there is no duty to reimburse in circumstances such as: you have made a change of heart about your plan; you have not cancelled your plan in a timely manner; you cannot visit your website (as we host ) because you have not renewed your domainname; we have discontinued your website (as we host) where we have the right to do so.

Copyrights for any subject matter you acquire as part of a hosted subject matter package; any marks used in conjunction with Envato hosted. Without the express permission of these conditions, you may not copy, redistribute, alter, publish or create derived works from any of our IPs. Third parties such as the Wordpress publication platforms may be granted permission to use our products.

By using any Third-Party software, you acknowledge and understand that you do so at your own risks and in accordance with the conditions set forth in such Third-Party use. For the purposes of this section, your Contents means any Contents (such as words, video, audio, or images) that you produce, post, or post on your Website (as we host).

Guarantee that: you own or have the right to post your Material (and you acknowledge that we are not the editor of your Material); your Material will not violate any law; and you will abide by our Terms of Use with respect to your Material and Websites at all time.

We may, at our sole option, delete or deactivate your account for any reasons whatsoever. We may believe that your contents or websites violate our Terms of Use or are otherwise unfit to be hosted by us. Your choice may also be valid for all your Envato account(s) used at other Envato locations.

It is your responsibility to maintain your own images of your contents. No back-up offers are provided and no responsibility is accepted for loss of contents. The Envato hosted is a continuous, periodic sevice that remains in effect until you terminate your membership by filling out the termination notice available in your Envato Hosted contol box.

If you violate any of these conditions, we may terminate your host agreement (including if a fee has been due for more than 30 days). Your choice may also be valid for all your Envato account(s) used at other Envato locations. As soon as your web site has been terminated, we will take measures to safely delete [within 30 days] all contents and information residing on your web site.

It is not our responsibility to provide you with unrestricted acces to your Contents after you cancel your Envato Hosted account, and you should take measures to secure your Contents before making a termination demand. Either you shall hold us harmless from any loss, cost (including reasonable attorneys' fees on a full indemnification basis), expense, demand or liability incurred by us as a result of or in any way connected with any third person demand against us in relation to your use of Envato Hosted (including any demand against us in relation to your Content).

The Envato Hosting and all the themes you have bought as part of a Hosting theming package will be made available to you as AS IS. Except as provided herein, our entire liabilities to you in relation to Envato hosted, your Hosted Subject matter package or these Conditions, arising out of agreement, tortious action (including negligence) or otherwise are restricted as follows: Our entire liabilities to you shall otherwise be restricted to the totals that you have payed us for your Envato host subject matter in the six month period immediately prior to the date on which the cause of action giving effect to the foregoing liabilities occurred.

In the event that any indemnification, restriction or exclusion of warranty, guarantee or indemnification (a "Performance") is granted in these Conditions in our favor, we will keep such Fiduciary Performance for the other Envato Partners. As trustees for and on account of the other Envato entities, we can assert this service as a beneficiary of this trusts.

Bank information: Envato Hosted is your responsibility for any use you make of Envato Hosted in connection with your access data. Do not use any personal computer or VPN or other means to prevent your computer from complying with these rules, or for deceptive or unlawful purposes. All Envato Hosted charges are net of transaction charges (such as value added taxation, value added and GST).

It is your responsibility to pay all charges and fees associated with your use of Envato Hosted, regardless of where they are collected (including source levy, if applicable). However, we may hire other contractors to perform Envato Hosting, as well as debt collecting and payment handling for you. If you agree to these conditions on someone else's account (such as your employer), you promise us that you have full power to legally retain that third person.

Note that only genuine people can sign up for Envato hosted. Nothing in these conditions excludes, limits or modifies non-excludable warranty obligations to consumers. With the exception of non-excludable customer assurances, we and Envato Hosted Contributors are only obligated to the explicit assurances contained in these conditions. Envato and each Envato Contributor's responsibility for the violation of a non-exclusive customer warranty is at our discretion or at Envato Contributor's discretion restricted to the replacement or payment of the costs of the replacement of the article or services concerned (unless the non-exclusive customer warranty states otherwise).

No part of these Conditions shall be interpreted as a contract, agreement, joint venture, agreement or agreement between you and us. Locking of a member, deactivation of an Account or refusal of processing payment: If we reasonably believe that there is a potential hazard associated with you, your accounts or this particular transaction, we may suspend you, cancel your accounts or deny processing of a transaction, even if it violates any statute or order.

Any of the measures described in this section may be taken without prior warning and against all of your Envato account information that you use on other Envato Web sites. U.S. Special Controls: Nobody who is in a U.S.-sanctioned country or on the U.S. Treasury Department's Special Designated Nationals List (SDN list) has access to U.S. Special Controls: Hosted is not available to anyone who is in a U.S.-sanctioned country or on the U.S. Treasury Department's Special designated Nationals list (SDN list).

Envato Hosting Articles may not be exported or re-exported to any U.S. approved countries or to persons on the SDN lists. Amendments to these conditions: If we make any changes, we will take appropriate action to notify you of the changes.

Also, you can check to see if any changes have been made to our conditions by referencing the release and expiration date in the bottom line of the conditions. By continuing to use Envato Hosted after the changes, you agree to the changes regardless of how much and how much your computer experience has been with Envato.

Envato hosted is controlled and operated from our Australian office. Victoria, Australia, shall be governed by these Conditions of Use and you shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdictions of such jurisdictions.

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