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9 December 2013 | Texas Eastern Uniloc USA, Inc. et al. v. Envato PTY Ltd.

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Envato suggests offering a rebate on the provision of on-line training course training service on the understanding that the client purchases payment service from PayPal for the purposes of payment of the course fees. The campaign will run from 4 September 2014 until 1500 students' season tickets are obtained or until 31 December 2014, whichever is later.

Envato: the most lucrative start-up you've never even known.

It' s more lucrative than Atlassian, WiseTech and Campaign Monitors and has been fully self-financed in a Bondi workshop since its inception 10 years ago. The company achieved a pre-tax income of 33 million US dollars (43. 3 million US dollars) last year and has four young rich list candidates on this year's BRW Young Rich List.

Envato's pre-tax earnings for the fiscal year 2015 (the figures for 2016 should be filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission within the next month) were twice as high as in the prior year and sales amounted to 73 million US dollars. In 2006, Envato was established by Cyan and Collis Ta'eed and their long-time friends Jun Rung in the Collis's Bondi car park and has not received any debt financing since.

Collis founder Vahid Ta'eed came to the firm as Managing Partner in 2008. The Collis & Cyan Ta'eed have total assets of $184 million, while Rung and Vahid Ta'eed are each valued at $43 million. Whereas the four Envato managers make some small external investment, the bulk of their assets are linked to their holdings in Envato, a private equity firm, which they began with the concept of an on-line market for Stock Photo and website content.

He has received a number of accolades, among them Cyan Ta'eed, who took home the Telstra Victorian Businesswoman of the Year Award 2015. Working with purpose," she said on the award ceremony evening, "Envato's work is supported by a "work with purpose" ethic that encourages employees to "make the right choice and not the lucrative choice.

This may be related to the fact that the Ta'eed Ta'eed family is a Baha'i believer, one of the most heavily prosecuted minority religions in the planet, and one that promotes the elimination of the extreme of destitution and affluence. This could also be one of the reasons why Envato has never carried out an initial public offering in the past ten years, although, according to one survey, the result for 2016 is expected to be unchanged from the previous year.

Envato is also paying handsome fees to its customers and reportsly returns more than $415 million to contractors who use the site to market their work. Cyan Ta'eed said in 2014 that 25 "creative people" had made more than $1 million on the Envato website this year. Even the four Envato managers received only $2.46 million in dividend payments in fiscal 2015, which is only a small part of the company's large profits.

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