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Use this article to find your Envato purchase code. Proceed to your Envato downloads. You' ll find an option to download your license certificate containing your purchase key. Check the Envato Market purchase codes in your WordPress dashboard! Enter your personal token key in the field provided and click on "Send code".

Review the purchase page on CodeCanyon or Themeforest and make sure the creator is Obox.

Review the purchase page on CodeCanyon or Themeforest and make sure the creator is Obox. Product writers from third-party development companies will still be kept up to date via Envato or the author's website. When your code is verified by the Envato server, you will receive a confirmation email. You can' redeem my code!

Please contact CodeCanyon Technical Assistance to check the purchase code by hand. Allow them to know that you need to be able to invalidate this code on the author's website. Should the problems still exist, please forward Envato's message via Layers Messenger to your WordPress administrator. May I use Layers Pro on multiple pages or in My.....

How to find your Envato purchase code

If you buy an article at one of Envato's stores, you will usually receive a purchase code. Occasionally, article writers will ask you to provide them with your purchase code while you are developing a purchase release or plugin activator system, such as our YouTube Channel plugin.

You should perform three easy tasks to obtain your desired purchase code. Login to the desired Envato online platform with your Envato trading name. You have to select "License certificates & purchase code". "Item Purchase Code", as in the example. Your ThemeForest purchase code (CodeCanyon or AudioJungle) is in your own hand.

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In order to enroll your products, go to Uncode > System Status and search for the section entitled Entering Products. In order to finish the enrollment process, you will need your Envato user name, API key and order code. Caution: The Envato Toolkit plugin that is part of the topic must be enabled for the login page to work and communicate with the Envato server (otherwise the loader will run indefinitely).

When you have trouble signing up for your products, you may not be able to register under Products does not work. First, enter your Envato user name (this is your user name on the ThemeForest website), remember that this is a case-sensitive image. Then, you must generate an Envato API key by following these instructions: Login to your ThemeForest area and click on your user name in the upper right area.

You can copy your new API key into the Products Registry section of your website. After all, you need a purchase code. Subject Forest provides this code for each subject you purchase, and you need it to validate and enroll your work. After all, you need a purchase code. ThmeForest provides this code for each topic you purchase, and you need it to validate and enroll your products (and get topic support).

In order to get your order code, just complete these steps: If you have not already done so, login to your ThemeForest area. From the dropdown box, click your user name and choose Downloads. Search your shopping cart for Uncode. Press the Get icon next to Uncode and choose the options to get your licence certificates and order code as a PDF or text document.

As soon as the download is complete, open the download to find the purchase code and copy the code to the Product Register section of your website. The order code should look something like this: Once you have all the information you need, click Submit on the Product Register page.

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