Envato Refund Policy

Refund policy Envato

You are advised to read Envato's refund policy. The latter was previously included in Envato's refund policy. Reimbursement Policy for Author Hello, we are Envato and welcome to the Envato Refund rules. The following guidelines describe what is required of you as an Envato writer. You offer a clear reimbursement policy that offers both you and your shoppers a great online shopping environment and a true go.

This policy is built on user legislation, which we believe is the best "basis" for deals taking place in the Envato markets.

Note that in and of itself, each jurisdiction has its own refund law in supplement to these regulations, and we consider it a good thing that you are familiar with all other relevant legislation, where you are and where a purchaser is in. These are the instances where we anticipate that you will provide a refund for your product and related service if the purchaser so desires.

Article is "not as described" Article is "not as described" An article is "not as described" if it differs significantly from the article descriptions or previews, so make sure you "say it the way it is" when it comes to the functions and functions of your articles. In the event that the product turns out to be "not as described", you are obliged to return the product to the buyer.

In the event that an article does not function as it should and cannot be repaired readily, you are obliged to return the article to the purchaser. These include instances where your product has a issue that would have prevented a purchaser from purchasing it if they had known about the issue from the beginning.

In the event that the product can be repaired, you should do so immediately by upgrading your product, otherwise you will be obliged to give a refund to the purchasers of this product. In the event that an article contains a safety issue and is not easy to fix, you are obliged to make a refund to the purchaser of the article. When the article can be repaired, you should do so immediately by upgrading your article.

In the event that your product contains a safety issue that will not be fixed within a reasonable period of time, you are required to refund the cost of this product to the purchaser. In the event that you agree to assist your purchasers with article assistance and do not perform such assistance in accordance with the article assistance policy, you will be required to reimburse purchasers who have bought assistance.

In the event that a purchaser buys an Article Backup Renewal and applies for a refund of that renewal before its current Article Backup ends, you are required to grant a refund to purchasers who have bought that Article Backup Renewal. If a purchaser applies for a refund on an article that he has not download within 3 month of the date of sale, you are required to make a refund.

To check the date of sale and a buyer's statement that they did not download an article, go to the Refund Application page, where you administer the refund inquiry. Though we think that 3 month is a fair amount of money based on where some shoppers are, they may have a longer timeframe to ask for a refund if they bought for their own use and did not download the product.

In general, if your article is essentially similar to the described and previewed article and works as it should, there is no requirement for a refund in circumstances such as the following: you don't want it after downloading it; the article didn't live up to your expectation; you just changed your mind; you accidentally purchased an article; you don't have enough knowledge to use it; you ask for good will; you can't retrieve the article because it has been deleted (we recommend shoppers to retrieve the article as soon as they buy it to prevent this situation).

In the event that you and your purchaser are unable to agree on a refund, Envato will examine the case and attempt to solve the problem. If we make a determination on the basis of all available information, and if we choose to make a refund, we will handle the refund on your behalf by sharing theense with you.

Although you must adhere to these basic standards, if a purchaser applies for a refund, you, the originator and proprietor of the product, may choose to provide a refund regardless of these basic standards.

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