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Claims that they will give you a full refund unless an article is as described. "An element is "not as described" An element is "not as described" if it is significantly different from the article descriptions or the previews, so you should expect authors to "say it the way it is" when it comes to the functions and functions of elements.

You will be eligible for a full refund if it is determined that the product is "not as described". "That is their rule, but they will not impose it if you want a reimbursement. No, that' s what Vhon the backup told me: "I' ve reviewed the forms on my page, but it still seems that the processing is in progress, although he has indicated that he has not granted the reimbursement, it just means that the writer has not yet completed the process of deciding on your application.

Please note: Envato can only intervene in the event of a conflict in order to examine your objection. Disputes will only arise if the writer does not reply to AEST after a 5-day deadline or if he has rejected your claim for a reimbursement. "It' s not legal, because what allows it is that every vendor on this site will prevent a purchaser in hell from getting his cash by repeatedly answering the purchaser or just not rejecting the enquiry.

envelopeato adds $2 for the Paypal charge, which is against Paypal's TOS. I tried to create the topic with the demonstration contents, it was okay, but when I tried to modify them to create my own repository, I found that it was much too tricky, but I was compelled to use the plugs, otherwise it wouldn't look like it was shown on the picture, so the element wouldn't look as described.

Contacting the salesman, I thought they would get it, but no, they were impolite, cheeky, rejoiced, explained essentially the lessons of topic creation is, and said that since it was the plug-in that was to blame, not their topic, it would not be reimbursed. You kept my inquiry going, and the supporter saw this when I tried to raise it higher.

So, when I started a fight in Paypal after answering to the assistance agency that this system was fake and very illegitimate, as well as my shop accepted elsewhere and promised to get my refunds in both directions because I had paid with Amex, I found myself excluded from my bankroll.

That is their model, they are refusing to help you and instead let them and the vendor take the cash. I' ve scaled up the account to a demand on Paypal to get my cash back, and while I can still go directly to the Amex, they have to stop mobbing around too employed to deal with that $#*!......

You' re gonna fucking despise me, Envato.

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