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Environmentally conscious action

Excellent instructions for getting into the game - Envato hosted Describes briefly the process you need to follow to set up your new Salient Designed Ambient Hosting Area. The first time you log into WordPress, you will see some standard alerts and the Envato Hosting Getting Started Wizard: If you are willing to get into the details of your store or product set-up, please read the WooCommerce document suite:

The start date will depend on how you registered with Envato hosted. Advantage of a fresh start is that you get the most clean results and only the contents you made. Once you have finished, the message Import is displayed on the Import pushbutton. Adapt most aspect of your design, such as color, font, layout, effect, and more, using the Topic Option panels.

In your administrator side bar, click Outstanding. If you are working on pages or collections created with Visual Composer, you can manipulate the contents of an item by moving your mouse over it and click the stylus over it. When you have already imported your contributions or product from another WordPress Web site into your WordPress file in HTML mode, you can select Tools > Imports.

An important notice for those of you who migrate or Import contents from a Web site who have not used Salient or a topic with Visual Composer: If Salient is active, postal items such as portfolio, endorsements, etc. from another topic are not displayed and must be recreated with Salient. Pages that have been designed in a different design that Visual Composer used do not look exactly the same, but should be imported finely.

When your old design has used a different builders, you will need to rebuild your pages using the new design template or Visual Composer. So if you had postings like an event or product made with a plug-in on your old website, you need to have those plug-ins installed before you can import your own HTML!

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