Envato Scam

The Envato Fraud

Honestly, I don't know why some writers still sell through Envato. Convato makes them look bad. I' ve worked full time at Envato (less than a year).

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Honestly, I don't know why some writers still are selling through Envato. Convato makes them look sick. About Envato, and I used to hate the shopping madness. But the purchase was so terrible that I just don't have the feeling that I'm connected to someone who's even distantly connected to Envato.

This is what my shopping was like: a great shopping experience: You have added a $2 fee for Paypal. Envato only freezes them. 3 ) I decided to ask Envato Technical Assistance for help. You really are hiding the button "Create a Support-Ticket " well - you have to find exactly the right button six pages below in a maze of websites.

But I' m looking to eventually build the help tickets page -- help center. It'?s my shopping experience: Customers pay, cannot access and then receive that can be 5 day away from our technical assistance. When I have more discard space, I would register Envato with Paypal, BBB and my credit cards firm. So I' m gonna put this down to a poor judgment and keep away from Envato.

I' ve come to an agreement on crummy client service. Recently I had a very odd episode where they took away my poor response for a very poor qualitiy in order to keep the 5 stars score for something that is clearly not 5 stars. I' d rather buy directly from the vendor than have this corporate scam take advantage of my deal.

I' ve only bought once through Envato, and that was fine. Yes, try to keep Envato away as far as possible. Absolutely worse client support, worse shopping experiences ever. Makes you look terrible doing deals with Envato. Today I bought some tunes for another gig and I had forgot that Audijungle was in Envato's possession.

KEEP AWAY FROM ENVATO. Haha, awful firm, awful after sales services, I have to study to make a movie to show that the program can not work. "I think the vendor can put code to activate the product, I never see such support, these are private assaults. Awful for writers and clients - Envato is a trick if I've ever seen one.

Once I published my first iconset on Envato, I was amazed that you as the writer had no price controls. However, where it really goes too far is the ludicrous shortage of assistance. However, this registration was refused twice without justification. I asked her in the help section that is provided.

I' m looking at you, rotten, Incompetent Envato employee. Screw you, Envato.

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