Envato Scripts

Envato scripts

Avoid the hard work of finding great items and discover the items recommended by AthenaStudio in their collection of scripts. 20 useful PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon This may be a universal writing idiom, but it supports WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more, not to speak of the thousand of custom PHP scripts. When you have a dilemma that requires an on-line fix, you can probably fix it by building a PHP scripts - or by simply download something already installed.

Let's take these 20 favorite PHP scripts that are available on Envato Market, for example: So if you run a website of any kind and want to implement some kind of log-in and authentification administration, take a look at Vanguard. Several of the functions it provides are: fully object-oriented and annotated PHP and JavaScript codec.

Transform your Instagram into an automatic merchandising booster with Instagram Autopost & Scheduler - Nextpost Instagram. Using this on-line email merchandising tools, you can automatically upload, plan and administer your Instagram account from one place. "The characteristics include: Featuring an amazing array of functions, the Instagram software includes almost everything you would want with an Instagram Web based digital signage solution.

You can do this simply by using PHP Logon & User Mangement, a MySQL-based PHP web site logon scripts. Included in this script: Featuring the install assistant and HTML5 Twitter bootstrap styling, you'll be up and speed with robust PHP logon & user managment. When you need a CRM for your company, or maybe you want to expand your free-lance CRM instead of charging another month's worth of fees for your costs, why not hoist your own client and CRM system?

The UCM Pro really does offer an amazing number of functions. These are just a few of the useful functions you will find. As we are all looking for a different feature range in relation to CRM tools, here are some of the things Perfex has to offer its users: Efficient and reliable ticket management system with the possibility to automatically integrate ticket management.

Keep up with the amount of elapsed working hours and charge your customer. Possibility to automatically generate lead imports from emails, attach memos and generate quotes. Make good looking suggestions for lead or customer and boost revenue. Find functions, needs and more on the products page. Make your own PHP and MySQL chats without paying anything with PHP Live chat Pro.

A useful PHP scripts with many useful functions. "Hot support chat. "The characteristics include: Launch the chat with PHP Chat Pro PHP Chat Pro. "The characteristics include: However, it is the functionality of this PHP scripts that really strikes you: It' a great way to use Google Maps on your website for both desktops and mobiles, and with enough one-of-a-kind functionality to use Super Store Finder for more than just your stereotyped use cases.

You don't have to mess around with your e-mail campaigns all the time. This is a good starting point if you are serious about your own e-mail mail management program. The MailWizz - E-mail Marketer is indeed rugged and feature-rich enough that you can become an e-mail services company for your clients!

MailWhizz - email marketing application provides assistance for many email server deliveries, for example AmazonSMTP SES, Directory Pickup, PHP's Sendmail and Sendmail. As a freelance, you know the challenge of administering all the overheads associated with actually administering the company (apart from administering your customers' solutions).

It provides a complete management tool for your entire organization for management of your IT infrastructure, applications, support, messages and more. A few of the functions include: Whatever the type of file, you can always submit a picture of the mock-up you created for a new web site, and easily exchange it with your customer.

Customer management. Simply administer your customers with all the detail you need. Customers can see the state of their project and invoice. Billing management. Submit quotes to your customers. Generate repetitive bills. Article management. Administer your articles/products. For freelancers or even small businesses looking for an all-in-one solutions that helps you keep track of the costs of all the things you do related to your company, visit Freelance Cockpit.

Simply administer it in its own administration area and build more than one user with authentication. "The Coin Table is a content management system designed for real-time cryptographic information. "Some of the adjustable pages are: Characteristics include: "Extreme adaptable Contacts forms, in a simple and fast way you can DICHT various Contacts forms that meet your needs!

" One of the types of form is Characteristics include: Establish a PHP PHP live tech chat system. The PHP - and SQL-based application provides real-time chatting on your website. The PHP provides PHP Live Supported Chats on the customer/user page: On the side of our client service you profit from the advantages of: and more! The PHP Support Hotfix is simple to deploy, provides multiuser access and can be used indefinitely.

What if you could use the site to promote your own products without having to use the sponsoring capabilities they offer? Only some of the feature are: They can buy the applications, learn more, view the needs and even test them - all from their side in the Envato space.

Administrators have full management over the administration of user, groups and report. Ninja Media Scripts - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site offers many functions and a robust look. This PHP Scripts was developed with Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, Bootstrap 4, and more. It is simple to setup, adaptable, and fully functional.

Characteristics include: Each YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, GIF or JPG can become Viral with the Ninja Media Scripts - Virgin Fun Media Sharing Site PHP Scripts. Split, compress and organize your data with your own web based data management tool. Maintain more than one warehouse, create a report and much more. Characteristics: Administer your off-the-shelf, combos and digitally produced goods with the Stock Management Advance with Point of Sale Module.

Projectmanagement is one of the areas of corporate governance preferred by some more than others. Regardless, it can be difficult to find the best way to handle these issues. The Ultimate Projectmanager is the best way to administer your customers, teams and your work. It has a lot of nice things to do, just to name a few.

A few of the samples include: Project. Administer all your project with some great utilities. Creating assignments in a project and assigning your members to assignments. Set landmarks to help you assess the time frame. Drag and drop your data into your project and share it with your group. Have your teammates respond to assignments and receive alerts about important incidents.

Refer to Project Records. Customers. It is very easy to append your customers in Rise. You will receive in-depth information about each customer contact, project, invoice, payment, quote, ticket and note. Allow your customers to use the customer portals. Every customer receives a seperate dashboard to view their project.

Have your customers generate assignments for your project and receive immediate customer response. You can assign a task to your members and simply check the state. E-mail your customers bills with a PDF copy of the bill. Generate quote inquiry templates according to your needs and let your customers ask for quotes.

Check the quote request and present your quotes to customers. Have your customers generate customer queries and receive web and e-mail notifications. Generate your own event listing and collaborate on your own event. Broadcast your own message to your teammates and customers. As you can see, PHP is extremely diverse - it can be used for everything from basic applications to complete community networking and professionalism.

Envato Tuts+ provides all types of useful PHP learning tools, including PHPutorials, PHP-Ebooks, and PHP Videocode course. If you are interested in what other PHP scripts are available, take a look at the Envato Market offering.

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