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Shopify Theme Shop is a challenge. We have used a few Shopify themes from ThemeForest, and they really get hit or missed. E-commerce University | Shopify offical topics vs theme forum topics

Hello, I didn't buy from the themed forest, but I was asked to fix issues in these themes several time. A few time, the topic purchasers were forced/could get their cash back. I think it's better to take a free Shopify look and customize it to your needs - you have a free Shopify lesson, you can do it yourself or employ someone to help you with more work.

This is what I actually did when I was completely new to Shopify. UPD: However, I would say that not all topics from the Shopify Store are good in relation to your level of service (I just don't want to point the fingers at them). Apparently this amount of wisdom in the forums and supporting the communities is the best for free topics.

With the support of our apps we see a variety of topics. Shopify themes are generally of a much higher standard, and generally conform to the latest best practice (e.g. all Shopify themes now display the characteristics of the line items on the shopping basket page). But on the other side, I've seen themes from ThemeForest that hardly work.

What I think tends to be happening with ThemeForest is that the writers take something that works on another site and put a shoe horn on it to work with Shopify. It causes all kinds of problems, especially on the products page and how the selection of different variations works, and makes it harder for people like us who rely on Shopify to do things on a Shopify basis for the app to work well.

I would definitely suggest spending the additional $$'s on a Shopify premier topic. I' m sure that there are proper themes on ThemeForest, but they are very difficult to find. Even if they're respectable in regards to coding as well as designing, practically all the issues I've seen are inflated. Topics on TF are competing with feature; the more, the better.

These functions, scripting, styles, etc. all result in topics that are difficult to adapt in your work. When you try to conserve cash by purchasing a $60 topic from TF, you do not. I' ll wager that you will probably be spending the amount of your own resources (and possibly money) that corresponds to the amount of early stage bug maintenance, bug fixes, and bug management overhead.

Poor design can even result in poor product returns due to poor product performances or bugging, resulting in more problems for your customers, perhaps even a negative impact on your rankings. With two Shopify partners and one Shopify expert....hmmmmmm, it would be great to get an answer from someone who actually bought and used one of the topics in iTunes as the surgery required.

The Shopify partners and professionals work with themes in their customers' businesses, and any partner or expert who has been doing so for more than a few month will have seen several themes from Shopify and ThemeForest. Please be sure that the above information is first handed and is not a Shopify preference.

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