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New freebies are always available for you to enjoy on the Envato market. Locations Envato Every website contains a dozen professional-looking text phrases that fit your work. Easily create your own page by adding, removing, and rearranging your pads to create your own custom page with different text, image, video, button, and more options. Customize the contents in each pad to your organization using easy forms and see your changes immediately.

In just a few simple steps, you can drastically alter the look of your whole website without selecting a new one. Using our own lighting, rapid-action, and cloud-based hosted services, we make sure you don't even have to think about it.

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Envato's mission is to be a full, community-based eco-system for human beings of all disciplines. We look forward to a prosperous environment in which many more will be able to use our technology in their work, and to the new possibilities it will bring to our communities. I am pleased to inform you that one of these tests is going into a personal version today.

The Envato Sites project is aimed at helping small companies set up and deploy a professional website in just a few moments. This is all supported by nice artwork, contents and suggestions from Envato's world-class authoring comunity. Every topic includes a collection of ready-to-use demonstration sites, each developed for a unique corporate goal to help you get started quickly.

The topics also feature an integrated suite of contents that help you create demanding websites without having to be a designer or developer. It' s totally free in return for your input. Once the betas have expired, we will charge a small royalty and share the revenue with the original creator.

When you need a website for your company and want early entry, sign up for the begging page. Involving the communities in our work is an important part of Envato's corporate culture and is at the heart of everything we do. Because of this outlook we are forced to tackle issues differently, and we think that this will eventually result in a much better and unique Envato invention.

Invitations today go to the first group of betacustomers.

The early author response was really good. They are particularly enthusiastic about the concept of a community-based website to help them target a whole new audience, the focus we place on good designs for a particular use, and the mechanism we integrate into the site to promote a sustainability thematic eco-system.

For those who want to create for Envato Sites, we have created a mailinglist for writers who are interested in creating topics, and one for Freelancer who want to use the site for customer work. Experimenting with Envato Sites does not alter our dedication to WordPress and other web sites. Its ThemeForest is the No. 1 theme space, with a complete road map to expanding and better supporting these communities through new functions and other growing experiences.

Coordinating web host configuration, database, domain name server, context menu, theming, plug-ins, and firmware update can be quite frightening and timeconsuming. Today ThemeForest can offer you a great topic, but some clients are not looking for a topic - they are looking for a full website. They have very different needs and we have not been able to meet them well in the past.

In order to achieve this type of client and link them to our writing communities, we need to explore different ways of doing things. Envato has a long track record in support of open code development, and this work is no small one. For Envato Sites to be a success, there has to be real cooperation between Envato and our authors' association to create high value topics.

Creating large topics demands a wide range of writing utilities. In principle, we believe that these instruments will be more efficient if the writing communities are included in their work. Pilots are already working with us on several Github repositories that will be released after the release of the release version.

When your company needs a new website, join the betatelist. As a writer, if you are interested in creating topics for Envato Sites, please subscribe to the authors mailinglist to let us know that you are interested. Freelancers or consultants who are interested in using Envato Sites for their customer work should subscribe to the Envato Newsletter so that we know who to turn to first.

Visit the Communities fora and we will respond as soon as possible.

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